Florida Doctor Tells Patients To Get Vaccinated Or Find Another Doc

by Madison Vanderberg
NBC 6 South Florida

Florida doctor Dr. Linda Marraccini is giving her patients until September 15 to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Linda Marraccini, a private practice doctor in South Miami, Florida is fed up with COVID-19 deniers and anti-vaxxers and has decided she’s just not going to treat them anymore, she’s done. In a letter to patients that is the epitome of “no fucks given,” Dr. Marraccini told her patients they have until September 15 to get the jab, or find another doctor.

Dr. Marraccini is only one of two known doctors to institute such a rule, but considering that Florida has become the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet again, and the fact that the Pfizer vaccine has acquired full FDA approval, Dr. Marraccini feels it is reckless to keep treating unvaccinated patients, who put her, her staff, and her immunocompromised patients at risk.

“When it comes to the safety of others when it comes to the fact that it’s a global health problem and community health problem, at this point, I really say that this is where it draws the line in the sand for me,” Marraccini told NBC Miami.

“Therefore, it is our decision to no longer continue services for those patients who will not have a vaccine by September 15,” Marraccini told patients in a letter (obtained by NBC Miami). “We will no longer subject our patients and staff to unnecessary risk. It appears that there is a lack of selflessness and concern for the burden on the health and well-being of our society from our encounters.”

In the letter, the good doctor did not mince her words. She came armed with facts about the vaccine, facts about the pandemic, and facts about contracting COVID-19. Before you can say, “But I saw on Facebook that…” she already had an answer for you.

A few stand-out, no effs given, lines from her letter, include:

“The hospitals and healthcare system are so stressed that many patients are hesitant to go to the ER or hospital for life-threatening conditions.”

“Patients with other medical conditions are laying in hallways, while Covid patients with preventable admissions are in rooms.”

“In our practice, we find almost no one that cannot take one of the vaccines for medical reasons.”

The upside is that the doctor told NBC that only about 10% to 15% of her patients were vaccine-hesitant. And for those who claim she’s violating her Hippocratic Oath, Dr. Marraccini told Newsweek that the Oath also emphasizes prevention, which is what the COVID-19 vaccine is for. The Oath literally says, “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.”

Patients who refuse to get the vaccine can see the doctor between now and September 15 by televisit only, after which they need to find a new provider.

Honestly, why aren’t more doctors doing this?