This Is Not A Test: The Laundry Folding Machine Of Your Dreams Is Here

by Valerie Williams
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There’s now a laundry folding machine because we’re living in the future

Have you ever seen something so heavenly a literal choir of angels sang in your head and the clouds parted and the sun shone and baby kittens fell from the sky? No? Well, buckle up. Because you’re about to. There is now a laundry machine that will fold your clothes for you.

That’s right. For you. As in, you wouldn’t have to do it yourself. Is this real life? Can moms finally live and not be chained to piles of unfolded clothes for hours every week?

This magic machine called the FoldiMate is basically a parent’s dream come true. All you have to do is clip your clothes to it and it will steam them to remove wrinkles and do a professional-grade fold the assistant manager from your high school job at The Gap would salivate over. Watch this video and prepare to be amazed.

Honestly, I would trade my husband for one of these, but the great news? I wouldn’t have to. Once they’re available for pre-sale in 2017, they’ll eventually retail for the beyond-worth-it and relatively reasonable price of $700-850. And besides steaming and folding, you can also have your clothes perfumed, softened or sanitized. Honestly, just shut up and take my money.

To some, this machine might seem a bit gimmicky, but if you have kids? It sounds like an absolute godsend. Kids and laundry and laundry and kids, amirite? They’re born and suddenly, you’re surrounded by laundry. I was just asking my husband the other day if we’ve had a single moment since we became parents where there wasn’t a pile of dirty clothes waiting to be washed. Or a pile of clean clothes waiting to be folded. Among household chores, laundry is the biggest fucking joke. It simply never ends.

Sure, you could enlist your kids to help but if they’re anything like mine, their version of folding laundry doesn’t involve any actual folding. More of a….stuffing? A cramming? I hand them clothes, they shove them willy-nilly into whatever drawer they see fit and then the drawers won’t close. It’s the exact opposite of helpful.

Doing laundry will never be fun or easy, so anything we can get that might save us a little time is worth it. Hopefully, FoldiMate’s next innovation will be WashAndDryMate so we can stop this time-suck of a chore altogether.

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