Parents Are Actually Paying For Their Kids To Learn Fortnite Dances

by Julie Scagell
Image via YouTube/Inside Edition

Hey, at least they’re up off the couch

If you have kids of a certain age, you know about Fortnite. And by know about it, I mean your kids live and breathe it and it’s all they talk about or do with their friends, which means it’s all you hear about. You hear them screaming at TV screens with (and at) their friends as they all compete to be the last one standing. There’s also some dancing that happens intermittently, which has become quite the rage amongst kids of all ages. Now, some businesses are cashing in on those dance moves by offering Fortnite dance classes.

In the category of “now we’ve heard of everything,” some dance studios are offering kid’s the opportunity to come in and perfect their Fortnite moves with instructor-led training. If you want to be the envy of your friends’ living rooms and in the hallways at school — this may just be your kid’s ticket.

In an age where parents are paying for Fortnite tutors, it makes natural sense this would be the next stage. And while I’d love to throw my hands in the air and say silently under my breath, “what in the actual fuck is happening in this world,” over 125 million people play Fortnite, so maybe it’s just me.

Not only are dance schools offering these as classes, some gym teachers and instructors are adding them into their fitness routines to keep the classes fun and engaging for kids of all ages.

My seven-year-old regularly practices Fortnite dance moves in front of our bedroom mirror and then does full routines for us while we’re trying to ignore him to watch Netflix. He’d probably have a ball in a class full of kids doing the same dances (and we’d have some goddamn peace and quiet for once).

For those unfamiliar with what dancing has to do with Fortnite exactly, one of the game’s features is something called an “emote,” which players use to make their characters move onscreen. This includes some of the more famous dance moves like the “Floss” and the “Orange Justice.”

And as cringe-worthy as it all is (to me, anyway), getting kids up off the couch and moving to music can hardly be a negative. Most parents are trying to get their kids to drop electronics in favor of physical activity. So, I guess if that activity happens to be a dance party version of their favorite video game, it’s hard to find reason to complain.