You Can Now Drink Rosé Out Of A Forty, What A Time To Be Alive

by Maria Guido

You can now buy wine in a 40 oz bottle

Why show up to your spring and summer shindigs with a boring, classy bottle of wine with an actual cork, when you get show up with a forty? It’s like a flashback to college… only pinker.

Nothing says, “I’ve come to party” like forty ounces of booze. In your hand.

Hmm. It’s French. So this may actually not just be some crappy wine gimmick (not that we’d care). And $16 for forty ounces of wine is what you’d call a bargain, considering your average bottle of rosé only holds about 25 ounces and runs about the same price.

It’s produced in the Loire Valley, by French winemaker Julien Braud. Its website simply boasts, “Large format, sustainably made, wines.” They make a rosé and a muscadet.

According to Delish, they’re only for sale in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, and Colorado. So if you happen to be lucky enough to reside in one of these states, grab your wine purse, load it up, and bring a party to the party.