Free Downloadable Book Helps Parents Talk To Kids About Anti-Asian Racism

by Erica Gerald Mason
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A Kids Book About

The series of books are designed to help parents begin difficult conversations with their littles

It’s been tough to be a parent lately. Children getting shot by police officers. Transgender youth under attack by politicians who seem to have nothing better to do than pick on children. The Asian American Pacific Islander community besieged by violence and verbal assaults.

It’s been tough to be a parent lately.

Author Kim Pham has penned a children’s book called A Kids Book About Anti-Asian Hate. The book, which is free to download, was made in answer to the building racism and animosity toward the Asian community.

The publisher created the free resource to support grownups and kids in their efforts to learn about, talk about, and ultimately help take action about the issue.

Pham, herself the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants who escaped during the war for a better life in America, lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

The publisher has made the book available in several formats to allow for easier access. Kiddos can read the book on all major e-reading platforms, including iOS, Mac OS and iPad OS, as well as Kindle Fire. The book is also available as a printable PDF.

The publisher invites visitors to visit the nonprofit Stop AAPI Hate, an organization that was founded in a response to the frightening escalation in xenophobic rhetoric ensuing from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The publisher of the company, an organization called A Kids Book About, was formed to open the lines of communication between adults and children about important issues. The books include a collab with the nonprofit GenderCool, which will allow caregivers to have talks with kiddos about gender equality and inclusion. Parents, as well-meaning as we can be, can often feel like we’re at a loss for words when it comes to such important issues.

An upcoming title, called A Kids Book About Immigration, offers this approach, “How do we convey to kids what immigration really means?” The description reads. “How do we explain all the difficult decisions people make when they choose to leave their home country to start over somewhere new? This book will help! It breaks down many of the complexities of immigration while reminding us all that no matter where we come from, we are all human and should be treated as such.”

Other titles cover racism, belonging, creativity, empathy, death, failure, systemic racism, shame, depression, white privilege, optimism, bullying, feminism, and emotions (among many others).

A similar series called A Little Book About, aimed at younger children, is also available. The series takes the information in the A Kids Book About series and offers it to younger elementary school children in ways that they can understand. A Little Book About Family sounds adorable and inclusive (two things children’s books should strive to be): “Family is special because it looks different for each of us!” The description reads. “And no matter what your family looks like, you know you’ve found it when you feel happy and at home.”

Parents who want to bring the conversation to the community are invited by the publisher to host a reading. The readings come in packs, complete with conversation starters to help caregivers and littles begin to have difficult conversations.

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