#FreeThePill: Birth Control Should Be Available Without A Prescription

#FreeThePill: Birth Control Should Be Available Without A Prescription

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People are arguing that birth control should be available without a prescription and amen to that

If you head to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, there’s a very important, timely discussion going down about birth control. People are using the hashtag #FreeThePill to argue that the pill should be available without a prescription and they’re offering airtight arguments for their case.

This initiative was started by the nonprofit Ibis Reproductive Health and they chose to kick off the hashtag on May 9, nearly sixty years since the FDA approved the birth control pill.

“We’re ready for a future where all of us can get birth control without unnecessary obstacles. Today, we’re talking about how we can #FreeThePill!” Ibis Reproductive Health tweeted. “A prescription means a trip to the doctor and taking time away from work or other responsibilities. But the birth control pill is safe & effective for over-the-counter use. It’s time to #FreeThePill.”

NARAL Pro-Choice America hopped into the discussion, adding that women are burdened with financial responsibilities when it comes to birth control, like paying for the doctor’s visit, taking time off work to go to the doctor, and paying for transportation to get to said doctor.

That’s not all. There were a whole lot more very good arguments for why birth control shouldn’t require a prescription. Also, one person very wisely pointed out that people who are so concerned about women getting abortions should probably be throwing themselves behind the #FreeThePill movement and pushing for safe sex and accessible birth control. Otherwise, that’s some hypocrisy right there.

Others reinforced the idea that “freeing” the pill would cut down on unnecessary appointments and would encourage people who are not currently using contraception to start using contraception.