You Can Freeze Avocados — Mind. Blown.

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Apparently, you can freeze avocados. Who knew?

It turns out there is a great way to cut down on your grocery bill – buy them on sale then freeze your avocados. Yep, you read that right. Apparently, you can freeze avocados.

This news went viral this week when a mom shared her secret with the world on Facebook. Natasha Labarriere-Mueller describes herself as a wife and stay-at-home mom of two girls sharing her love for kitchen tips and tricks. Her post went wildly viral in just a few days — and for good reason.

“So, on my trip to Costco to stock up on avocados (on sale), I had a TON of people comment on the amount I had,” she wrote. “I replied to all with ‘well I’m going to freeze them’…. and BOOM the shock factor hit and their eyes lit up. So, by the end of the trip after explaining it to everyone by the avocados, everyone in line with me, the cashier and the lady at the door, I’ve come to the conclusion so many people don’t know about this.”

Clearly, we don’t. Several Scary Mommy staff members did not know you could freeze avocados – this lady included. And surely if more people knew there would have been countless pieces written since we know how much Americans love avocados.

Since Mueller is all about sharing her kitchen tips, she went on to explain how it works. “They do not brown, they do not lose their texture, they come out perfect when thawed… and last up to 4 months in the freezer so here it is for all that care to know.” She was even kind enough to post step-by-step videos on her recently launched Instagram account and included a thaw video.

In her first video, Mueller explains all the supplies you’ll need and the first few steps, which are pretty straightforward. Cut the avocado like you usually would, remove the pit and make sure you have Ziploc bags.

In her second video, Mueller shows you her super clever way of vacuum packing, which removes the air from the Ziploc bag before closing it. Close the bag but leave enough room at the end so you can slide a straw in and then suck all the air out of the bag. Once your bags are free of air, you can stick those avocados in the freezer.

In her final video, she shows the doubters her perfect avocados. Post freezing, Mueller typically lines a baking sheet with paper towels, which collects the moisture from the avocados as they defrost. You can do this process in the fridge or just on your countertop.

Voilà, frozen avocados! Now go forth, and prosper in all your avocado glory.

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