Freida Pinto Opens Up About 'Intense And Wild' Postpartum Journey

by Christina Marfice
David Crotty/Getty

In an honest and raw post on Instagram, Freida Pinto opened up about the struggles she faced after giving birth to her son last month

Since welcoming her newborn son, Rumi-Ray, last month, things have not been smooth sailing for Freida Pinto. In a raw and emotional post on Instagram, the Slumdog Millionaire actress opened up about the struggles she’s faced so far during her postpartum period, and how she hopes that being open about her own experiences starts more conversations about the challenges many mothers face.

In her post, Pinto called her postpartum period “one of the most intense and wild rides I have ever been on.”

“It felt like the months being pregnant and even childbirth were little appetizers to this grand main course. Preparation was so key to this life altering phase of mothering and I feel so proud, relieved and blessed to have walked into it with knowledge, research and support,” she explained.

Pinto went on to explain what she really meant about being “prepared” for postpartum.

“It certainly doesn’t mean you won’t feel sad, lonely, frustrated and helpless at times. or that you will be wonderfully rested and have no sleep deprivation,” she wrote. “Or that you won’t snap at your well intentioned partner and break down in tears. or that your nipples won’t be sore and that for some of us our toes will curl everytime our little baby birds open up their sweet mouths to latch. or that you will never doubt your milk supply or for some, be worried about being judged for choosing the formula route.”

Pinto continued, “Or that your vagina and the rest of your ladyparts will look and feel exactly the same again as before. Or that your energy levels will always match the nonstop effort you have to put into nourishing that little life.”

Pinto explained, “The preparedness is more so to know how best to tackle all of this and to not feel abandoned by a health care system that focuses so much on your pregnancy and birth and somehow disappears when you are most vulnerable and in the most challenging phase of your life. To know that every mama will have a different journey but everyone of us will have some hill to climb.”

The most important thing to remember, she wrote, is that the hard parts don’t last forever.

“And that most importantly it REALLY DOES GET BETTER and we learn so much about ourselves and gosh we can truly acknowledge and celebrate the goddesses that we are!” she wrote. “Changes that need to be better understood, accepted and not shamed. And challenges that can be managed so much better with just a little extra help. My mission is to make this sacred period less about the suffering and more about acceptance, self love and growth. And to bring some much required peace to this healing period.”

Pinto announced last month that she and her husband Cory Tran had welcomed their baby boy, and her words about her experience so far are likely to resonate with so many other mamas, all around the world. Cheers to starting those hard conversations that will help all of us better understand the pain, joy, and struggle of being a new mom!