From The Confessional: These Moms Love To Hate Their Frenemies

by Cassandra Stone
Jamie Grill/Getty

Frenemies — look, we’ve all got ’em. Some moms more than others, however…

Everyone has experience with a frenemy. You know the type — a “friend” whose actions and words just constantly bring you down in some way. From being passive-aggressive to downright aggressive, frenemies can be frustrating AF. Because you want to love and care about the person, but damn it, they make it impossible.

Backhanded compliments are the signature of the frenemy. Same with any reason they can find to allude that they are better than you are in some way. Now most frenemies are just insecure, self-loathing people. But that doesn’t make dealing with them any less hurtful or frustrating. Sometimes it’s someone you have a really long history with, so you’re reluctant to let them go. Sometimes it’s a co-worker who takes you out to lunch and pretends to be a confidante only to throw that shit right in your face later. Sometimes it’s just a jealous person with nothing else going for them.

Frenemy likes to subtly put me down and tell me how hard she has it compared to me. I finally looked her in the eyes and said I am sorry your life is so shitty and you envy mine so much. Oh, and lose my number bitch.

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My frenemy just bought the house I wanted. I didn't have enough money. So jealous.

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I just realized my friend is actually my frenemy. Toxic AF. How to end this after 30yrs & so many common friends? I want her out of my life.

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Sadly the only person who supported me at work when this guy started harrassing is my "work enemy" she made sure to play interference with this guy. Legit we agreed we don't like each other but women should have each other's backs..

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Frenemies can be super fake and nice to your face, and then be a totally different person behind your back. Sometimes frenemies are just two people who don’t like each other for a variety of reasons but are able to remain polite in person and go about their lives at all other times. But for those who are unable to do that, frenemies can be manipulative and annoying AF.

I have a frenemy...she compares everything in my life to hers. Just found out she’s getting divorced (not shocking) and it was so satisfying offering to rent our condo to her bc we just got a house lol I’m usually not this petty but she’s the worst!

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Frenemy who's both a hypochondriac and munchausen's with her kids just announced that they all have the coronavirus. They didn't even get the tests back and two kids are back to normal! Want to call her out so bad.

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My mother was my first frenemy. Have had at least a dozen in my 50+ yrs. Women aren't that great of humans sometimes.

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“Frenemy is due with her first in about a month. Can’t wait to catch up after baby is born and hear all about how “easy” it is and how she isn’t “tied down by her baby“ because she’ll be combo feeding. JK, I can’t wait to say “I told you so!”. Bitch.”

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Another hallmark of a frenemy: someone who always expects favors or for you to acquiesce to their needs, but won’t ever do anything in return unless it directly benefits them somehow. Being supportive is a necessary tenet of actual friendship, but when things are one-sided and that person doesn’t show up for you the way you show up for them, well, you’ve got a frenemy.

My bff hung out with my frenemy last night, had a blast. I'm so jealous.

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Frenemy announced 1st pregnancy. She’s all excited and bubbly. Her H looked white as a ghost. He has yet to use the words “happy or “excited”. They found out it’s a boy, his response, “so relieved”. I wonder if she can tell he doesn’t want this kid.”

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A former co-worker "frenemy" of mine left our department for a promotion and huge raise in a new department. I am seething with jealousy. I suck.

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Thin "frenemy" brags, fat-shames me but she's covered in sunspots, wrinkly turkey neck, thin footlike face, botox fish-lips, wispy frizzy hair, discolored teeth (bulimia?) insists she's more attractive yet her 2nd husband STARES at my chest (she got fakes

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If your friend does anything to make you think less of yourself, whether it’s indirectly or directly, that’s not a great sign of friendship. If their needs constantly outweigh yours, and they can’t respect your boundaries because they’re too self-absorbed — frenemy.

Really want to unfriend a frenemy on Facebook, but a little afraid I unfollowed her instead, and avoid her at all costs. I even avoid driving down the street she lives on, even though it is the faster route to school.

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My mom is an obvious frenemy and I find it entertaining.

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My best frenemy complains constantly about her husband and tries to make him out as a bad guy. But I know she is a miserable, selfish bitch with a shit attitude. I feel sorry for her husband every day.

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I googled an old frenemy. Looks like I won at life bitch. Makes me super happy since she had everything handed to her and I struggled and worked for everything I have.

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Social media makes it even more abundantly clear who we can stand and who we can’t, right? Whew. A lot of frenemies have probably been popping up in the digital age, specifically during the last few years when it’s become apparent who people really are.

I think of a frenemy I would never hang out with when I buy cute clothes and bags, just in case I run into her.

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I stalk my "frenemy" on Pinterest.

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I hooked up with a frienemy's husband while she took her kids home on summer break. He wasn't good, but I like having this up on her. We are all so "family oriented"

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My frenemy on Facebook is young, slender and madly in love with her husband. Sans kids. I am drowning in envy.

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Basically, if your friend is demanding, selfish, disregards your needs, and says things like “Oh? Is that purse from TJ Maxx? I know it’s a popular store but I could just never shop there” then you don’t really have a friend. Just saying!