Freshly Picked's 'Care Bear' Line Will Give You Serious Nostalgia

by Christina Marfice

Do they make these Care Bears moccasins in adult size?

Get ready for some nostalgia like whoa, because the Care Bears are 35 years old (feeling old yet?), and they’re being commemorated in the most adorable way.

Freshly Picked just cemented its place as the greatest baby shoe company there is by celebrating the Care Bears‘ big milestone with an adorable set of themed baby moccasins.

Image via Freshly Picked

Each set represents one of the bears’ signature colors, along with their belly patch symbols that identified the magic powers they each possessed. Feeling that nostalgia yet? Just wait until you see them.

There’s Tenderheart Bear:

Image via Freshly Picked

There’s Cheer Bear:

Image via Freshly Picked

There’s Funshine Bear:

Image via Freshly Picked

And Grump Bear:

Image via Freshly Picked

Rounding out the five available designs is a print featuring all the different bears, jumping on clouds (and probably sliding down rainbows). Did we mention we kinda want these in adult sizes? Yeah? Okay.

Anyone who even existed in the ’90s is going to want to grab a pair of these. I don’t even have a kid, and I’m planning for my order. What up, nieces and nephews — guess who just planned out all your birthday and Christmas presents for the rest of the year?

Image via Freshly Picked

The adorable FP x Care Bears Collection, which comes in sizes 1-7, will be available from June 22. That’s right — tomorrow! They retail for $60 a pair, which means you’re gonna need to come up with $300 to nab the full set. And you know you need the full set.