From The Confessional: A Pandemic, Homeschooling, And Now Wildfires And Poor Air Quality? WTF 2020

by Karen Johnson

2020, man. What. is. the. deal. Despite already living through a pandemic, nationwide protests and racial unrest, and an election year that’s stirring up all the untapped hate from all the dusty corners of our country, wildfires are the latest catastrophe to hit what appears to be apocalyptic America. Hundreds of thousands of residents from California, Oregon, and Washington have been forced to evacuate and/or live in areas with extrewmely unhealthy air quality. Schools have postponed the start of the school year. Homes have been lost. And sadly, so have lives.

If you’re living on the West Coast and suffering this terrifying state of emergency, we are here for you. We are thinking of you. And we love you. Here are some confessions from Scary Mommy viewers just like you who desperate for safe air, the ability to go home, and just get their lives back.

I know I can’t handle another day of solo parenting during a pandemic and wildfire disaster. We can’t go outside and we’re all losing it. I also know this feels a lot like parenting during the baby/toddler years and I had no choice then either.

Confessional #25797328

Thought 2020 couldn't get worse. A week ago we had to evacuate our home due to wildfire and still don't know when/if it will be safe to go home. Fuck. This. Shit.

Confessional #25797240

Had the worst “sex ever last night, then started my period, on top of pandemic, wildfires, income inequality, racial inequality. How am I supposed to care about anything my kids say or do today? AirPods don’t work? Chores are hard and unfair? Fuck off!!”

Confessional #25797017

2020 can fuck all the way off, forever and ever, amen.

School is supposed to finally start tomorrow. Now it's been cancelled due to smoke from fires. What's next??!!

Confessional #25796954

So anxious I can’t focus on work. Covid, US politics, remote schooling, people suffering by the millions, wildfire smoke making the sky red here in CA... how is anyone pretending this is remotely okay?

Confessional #25796146

School was cancelled today because of bad air quality from the fires and I feel guilty for being happy about it as I sit here in my house that's still standing with all my loved ones accounted for.

Confessional #19205362

Because school districts weren’t facing enough challenges… let’s add rapidly spreading wildfires and disastrously smoky air to the mix. Why not, right?

I have a toddler, the air quality from wildfires, heat, covid is really hard.

Confessional #25795758

I live in california. the lock down and smoke are causing me not to feel well.

Confessional #25797170

I am 39 weeks pregnant, evacuated due to Norcal fires. I just want to nest but not sure where we will stay with the baby when he comes (air quality really bad at home.) Trying to take it day by day but so uncomfortable not knowing what we will do.

Confessional #16281688

Poor air quality affects us all—from the elderly to the very young, and puts at-risk people like pregnant women in greater danger. This is not okay, and these hard-hit areas need help.

Being married to a firefighter (with young kids) is hard. I wish more people understood how much support and effort goes on behind the scenes for them to do the job. There’s a hero and brave one at home too, who’s the glue keeping it all together.

Confessional #25795287

My workplace was evacuated due to the California fires. I called DH at work to tell him. Instead of expressing concern, he said, "Well, I hope you'll do something useful instead of twiddling your thumbs all afternoon." WTH???

Confessional #19163324

And, like every other major event that’s happened this year, this is yet another one that will test your relationship. Does being forced to evacuate and fearing for your life and your home make you A) love your spouse more and feel grateful for them or B) want to evacuate forever in opposite directions?

This year continues to lob curveballs at us, but we are resilient. Like every other challenge, we will endure, we will band together to help our neighbors, and we will overcome this latest disaster. West Coast residents, you are in our hearts and thoughts and prayers. And for everyone else, if you’re not living through this horror personally, please consider helping those who are. You can find several ways to help here.

Here’s to a calm 2021 when we can hopefully send all our kids to school and sit outside drinking cocktails, breathing in the sweet, clean air of a new year and a new nation, born afresh.