From The Confessional: People Are Using COVID To Get Out Of A Sh*t-Ton Of Stuff

by Team Scary Mommy
Rebecca Nelson/Getty

If there’s ever a year to really need a silver lining in all the muck we’re wading through, it’s 2020. So here it is, folks. Sure, we can’t do the things we want to do, like take those dream vacas or see Grandma on Christmas or even grab coffee with a friend. But, what we can revel in is this: COVID-19 means we can get out of a shit-ton of stupid things we always felt obligated to do before, but hated. Like participating in your MIL’s annual cookie swap or going to a MLM party at your neighbor’s house and buying $100 face cream that’s supposed to make your skin feel smooth but really just burns your face off.

And, after years of traveling or hosting and running yourself ragged only to spend the holidays with your drunk, bitter old Uncle Ed, this year you get to stay home and lounge around in your pjs. Maybe you can get away with a quick obligatory FaceTime chat, but you won’t even need to put on real pants.

That’s how we’ll ride out this never-ending tornado of shit, friends. By using this pandemic as an excuse to get out of stuff and making it work for our own benefit. Because if COVID-19 is going to take away my long-awaited 40th birthday bash, then it’s going to get me out of other stuff too—like having to make small talk at my husband’s work holiday party. Sorry! Can’t come! Feeling “sick”! Have fun listening to Don from payroll talk about his cats!

I'm crying that I won't spend this Christmas talking to my mother in law's siblings and cousins because of COVID. Or watching my sister in law's brats. So many tears (of joy).

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As usual I'm responsible for all of my adult step kids Christmas gifts because H can't be bothered. At least I can just send them in the mail this year and won't have to actually see them. Covid silver linings.

Confessional #25807397

I am not going to do holidays with family. I say it is Covid but it's really politics. I don't care one bit.

Confessional #25806902

I am so fucking glad my brothers in law aren't coming for Turkey day this year. I used covid as my excuse, but the truth is, I just flat out am tired of hosting holidays. Everyone benefits except for me, and it's bullshit.

Confessional #25803714

Listen, we’re supposed to stay home. We aren’t supposed to host big family gatherings. So this is THE year, friends. The year we don’t have to watch our cousin’s bratty kids spill milk on our new rug while their mom gets drunk and pretends they’re not hers. The year we don’t have to open the 11th salt and pepper shaker set from Aunt MaryEllen and pretend to like it. The year we don’t have to force down bites of Grandma’s burnt rhubarb pie.

So enjoy it. Have the holiday you’ve always dreamed of—at home, braless, watching movies, while your kids play with their new toys and zone out on screens. See ya next year, Uncle Ed.

Thank you Covid. Now I have a valid excuse to be antisocial & weird.

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Told someone I may have been exposed to someone w/ covid so they couldn't come to my house. If I have to live through this shit I am going to use it to my advantage on occasion.

Confessional #25806824

I still occasionally dine out but refuse to see certain people (using Covid as an excuse) because I don't like them.

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For many of us, COVID finally has given us a pass to be the anti-social introverts we’ve always wanted to be. No kids’ holiday parties? No neighborhood holiday open houses? No annoying friends badgering us for a coffee date so they can whine about how hard their life is as they sit there, tan, fresh off the plane from a trip to Hawaii?

Yessssss. Sorry, annoying world we can’t stand, but it’s a pandemic year, so we’ll have to decline. WITH FUCKING GLEE.

glad my son and sweet future daughter in law have decided on a small family only wedding during this time. not telling my mom who lives out of state until it is too late for her to travel at all. using covid as an excuse to stop her ruining this wedding.

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My best friend is dramatic and gossipy AF but we haven't hung much at all because of covid. It's been a REALLY nice break and makes me wonder if I should phase her out.

Confessional #25805235

Differing views on politics and covid are ruining my relationship with my best friend and I'm fine with it. I'm so emotionally drained I'm cutting loose everything expendable.

Confessional #25803596

H just revealed he's been exposed to COVID at work & can't get tested until tomorrow morning. Thank goodness we have a large house, separate bedrooms, & stepkids grown & gone. Truth is, I'm liking this legit excuse to stay far away from him.

Confessional #25806304

And, another good thing about 2020 is getting a break from toxic people. (Or people who just annoy TF out of us. Sometimes we’re married to that person.) But again, you’ve got a built-in excuse this year. If you’ve itching to cut off an annoying friend and you just found out she’s anti-mask, boom. There you have it. Buh-bye, Jennifer.

At Christmas my in-laws require all the women to make like 12 dozen cookies. I hope I can get out of that this year by using Covid as an excuse.

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Just noticed how bad my mustache was tonight!! Seriously just don’t give a shit with covid. My eyebrows look like caterpillars and my legs could be braided I am 55 and seriously just don’t care

Confessional #25802886

Supposed to go camping today for one night with our old neighbors but I faked sick and stayed home. Haven’t been away from my husband or kids for one single day since Covid started and needed to be the fuk alone.

Confessional #25802579

I purposely leave my dirty dishes for my husband. Since covid took over its the 1 thing he does. Hes been loosing his sh!t over it. I gave up on the house to beyond pigsty level & still no help. So i leave my fing dishes. No complaints or ask for thanks.

Confessional #25802461

And, we can use COVID as an excuse to get out of annoying shit like camping. Who TF wants to go camping? Literally no one. And now you don’t have to! Just give a little cough-cough and oops! Looks like you can’t go. DARN. Or shaving and waxing. Can’t get to the groomer because of COVID, so looks like we all just have to live as hairy beasts. Oh well. We’ll be warmer this way, we’ll save money, and our husbands will stay TF away from our asses. #winning.

So yes, this years sucks horribly. We miss our family and friends and concerts and festivals. Our kids want to go back to school and we want a damn minute of quiet to ourselves. But we can’t be stupid. We need to stay masked up and socially distanced and continue to fight the good fight as we ride this thing out.

Not having to go to a MLM party where you feel obligated to buy hideous leggings is just an added bonus.