From The Confessional: A Family Divided....Over Politics

by Team Scary Mommy
Scary Mommy and David Burch/Getty

Although 2021 brought a new sense of hope and optimism, it seems that one thing hasn’t changed, and likely won’t for a while. And that thing is our nation’s political divide. A divide that’s ruined marriages, friendships, and broken apart siblings, cousins, and kids from their parents.

Maybe I’m naive, but I don’t think it was this ugly before the Trump years. I’ve always had my feet firmly planted on the left, but prior to the rise of the Trump presidential campaign, I could talk to people on the other side. Before 2016, it seemed Democrats and Republicans still worked together, at least some of the time. And, there was a place for people in the middle. You weren’t instantly branded a traitor by both parties if you held beliefs from different political parties.

I do feel hopeful that without such a hateful, divisive president angrily tweeting and riling up his base at all hours of the night, our country at least has a chance at healing. Hopefully marriages and relationships can be repaired. Maybe friendships can be mended. Siblings and cousins and parents and their children who haven’t spoken in years can possibly come back together and forgive one another for the things they said.

The harm that Donald Trump did in fracturing this nation is severe, but we can repair. We are better than him. We are stronger than him. And without his incessant narcissistic negativity bombarding our social media feeds, we will move forward—hopefully together—and actually be great again.

With covid and politics alienating my husband, and losing respect for covidiots to which I'm by law related, I feel really alone. Really, extremely alone.

Confessional #25814913

In a group text with my Trump supporting family where we talk all kinds of things (including politics). Got fed up and cussed them all today. Sorry not sorry!!!

Confessional #25813982

I’m pretty sure I’m spoken to my sister for the last time over politics. Pour one out for all the relationships killed by Trump, folks.

Confessional #25804090

I sent a funny vid about politics to my sister & she started ranting about the govt putting chips in our brains. That all she does is pay taxes, she hate women in politics & she's paranoid the govt is after her. Jesus. Never realized how crazy she was lol

Confessional #24618325

Sisters and brothers have stopped speaking. Grown adults avoid calling their parents because they don’t want to hear more angry political rants. It’s sad, for so many, to have lost these relationships. And many of us feel desperately alone.

Politics are ruining my relationships and making me feel hopeless. This world feels so dark and the people in it are worse. Fuck Donald Trump.

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My husband is the only person I can be honest with about my politics. My family and friends would be horrified if I told them what I think, and I’m frequently disgusted by their opinions.

Confessional #25776753

I’m sad and worried about how politics is ripping our country apart.

Confessional #25753350

It can be heartbreaking to lose friendships right now, when we need love, support, and healing more than ever.

I have ended friendships over politics, and will continue to do so. I cannot be friends with people who applaud human rights violations and cheer when children are locked in cages. Those are not the type of people with whom I will associate.

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DH is friends with a couple who are Trump supporters. I have banned him from bringing our kids to their home. My kids are not being exposed to the misogynistic views in that household. DH doesn’t care about politics but I do. #youknowme

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Differing views on politics and covid are ruining my relationship with my best friend and I'm fine with it. I'm so emotionally drained I'm cutting loose everything expendable.

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But others are willingly cutting ties with toxic people who follow the hate of Donald Trump. Life can feel lighter when you remove the darkness from your inner circle.

Two and a half hours marriage ended. Politics was the cause.

Confessional #25814789

DH and I got into an awful fight last night about politics. Terrified he will want to divorce me only bc our political views are different. We are compatible in every other way, it wouldn’t be fair to me or the kids to do that. So sad

Confessional #25800375

DH's ranting and raging about politics ("We have to do something!!") will be the end of our marriage.

Confessional #24056048

I told DH if he keeps talking about politics, I will drive away and disappear forever. He knows I can and will do it.

Confessional #25804342

Marriages are ending across the nation, because it’s unbearable to stay married to someone with warped political views. How can one be expected to sleep next to a person who actively supports a racist bragging about sexual assault? Simply leaving, however, isn’t always an option, so many are trapped in a partnership with someone they’ve lost all respect for. But either way, the marriage that once was, is over.

There’s no way to hide it—the damage is done. Hopefully the relatives and loved ones and friends who got sucked in to bizarre conspiracy theories or bought Trump’s endless lies will come to their senses and be welcomed back into our lives. But only then. Otherwise, we will continue to either have no contact, or limited, superficial contact with anyone still following such hateful political views. There’s no other way to be right now, as we must protect our children and our own mental health and strive for positivity and optimism in this new, brighter, Biden/Harris era.