From The Confessional: Pregnancy In The Time Of COVID-19

by Karen Johnson
Image credit: LSOphoto / Getty

Being pregnant can be a scary experience for many women, even when we aren’t experiencing a worldwide pandemic. But now? It can be downright terrifying. Other women, however, are feeling the baby fever, as all this quarantined family time has them thinking they might be ready for another pair of tiny feet pitter-pattering around the house. And some pregnant people are neither really freaked out nor super excited, but are merely enjoying the excuse to lounge around in comfy clothes as their bellies and boobs get bigger by the minute.

However you feel about pregnancy right now, there’s probably someone in our confessional who agrees with you.

For some women, this is a true nightmare scenario.

Unfortunately, infertility doesn’t care if we are in a pandemic and under quarantine or not. The baby boom jokes still hurt.

When emotions run high, sometimes alllll the emotions run high. Like this one.

It’s not just pregnancy that’s scary right now. What will the world look like on the other side of COVID-19? Because that’s the world we’re bringing babies into.

What a time to be pregnant, though. Not having to put on shoes when you can’t see your feet or squeeze your boobs into a bra? Yes, please. This is the silver lining to a quarantined pregnancy. Maybe the only one, but it’s there.

Pregnancy is always a big deal, regardless of what’s happening in the world outside. Your body is doing amazing things and is being stretched (literally) to new limits. You are about to bring a new life into the world—a life you’ll be responsible for protecting for a long ass time. Or maybe you’re still staring at negative pregnancy tests, wishing for those belly kicks. Whether you’re excited, or terrified, feeling hopeful or feeling hopeless, just know that there’s a whole giant world of women just like you who feel the same way.