From The Confessional: The Vaccine Is In Sight, And We Have Feelings About It

by Karen Johnson
Andriy Onufriyenko/Getty

It’s heeeeeeeeere! (Well, for some of us at least.) If you’re in the medical field, there’s a good chance you’ve already received yours. Same if you’re 65+. Hopefully, if you are a teacher, you’re next on the list in your area.

And as for the rest of us, we can finally see the light. People around us are getting vaccinated and there are new lists coming out all the time to get signed up—even for people like me, a healthy 40-year-old who works from home.

It’s an emotional time, isn’t it? After all we’ve been through, the thought that someday soon we can all exhale and know that we did all we could to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our community, and we made it to the finish line. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies while we wait, though. For one, the system isn’t foolproof. For example, it can make a person stabby to hear about line-jumpers or learn that your anti-mask neighbor is getting a vaccine before you.

Also, it’s hard to imagine the world truly returning to the way it was. COVID changed everything, and chances are, some things will ever be the same again. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have hope and optimism and dream about getting coffee with a girlfriend or taking our kids on a trip or having a big holiday feast next year, because hopefully those things are on the horizon.

Either way, we have two words to say about the COVID vaccine: Let’s gooooooooo.

All I want is the covid vaccine!!!!!!!!! I want my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confessional #25818751

I'm ready for my vaccine now! Go Joe go!

Confessional #25816304

I have serious vaccine envy. Feeling despair that this will never end, our govt won’t get it together, and I’ll get seriously sick before I ever get the shot.

Confessional #25816395

I am grateful that my health puts me at low risk of severe covid, but seeing my state's vaccine rollout timeline crushed me. It's going to take SO long for me to get it...

Confessional #25813926

Lots of us are suffering from extreme vaccine envy. We’re excited for neighbors and friends and family members who’ve gotten their shots, but we’re also like waaaaaaa where’s mine?!

My cousin, who is youngish and healthy, received the vaccine by lying. I’m concerned she has fictitious disorder like my aunt, her mother.

Confessional #25818102

I was the COVID vaccine SO BADLY. I can't believe my Trump-loving in-laws got a crack at it first.

Confessional #25816904

Trying to convince boomer parents to get the fucking vaccine is exhausting. This is such bullshit. Just give it to people who actually want to take it!

Confessional #25815016

DH and I both have major health issues that put us at high risk for COVID complications, but somehow neither of us is sick enough to get the vaccine any earlier than people with no risk factors. Fuck this messed up system

Confessional #25815968

Also, the rollout system in many places, is… well, flawed, to put it mildly. Pretty sure there’s a special circle in hell for people who are healthy and jump the line.

I'm terrified that everyone with the vaccine will think it's life as normal again while we don't know how effective they will be on new strains. I'm terrified the vaccine doesn't mean the end to all this

Confessional #25817405

I don't want to admit it to anyone but I'm nervous about getting my covid vaccine today. I know it's the right thing to do and I know it's not chipped or anything lol just worried how my body will respond

Confessional #25816561

I get my second COVID vaccine the 19th. Been waiting for months so I can go back on fertility drugs to have a 2cd. DH and I agreed to only try a max of 6 cycles this time if not we are one and done. Now it's time I'm nervous about both outcomes

Confessional #25815380

I have kidney disease and can’t find any info stating it’s safe for me to get the vaccine. From what I can tell, I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I’m so scared and sad. Vaccine or no vaccine, life will never be the same for anyone ever again.

Confessional #25814653

And although the vaccine gives us hope, it can also make us fearful, as so much is still unknown. Will people stop wearing masks too soon and cause a new surge of cases? How will my body respond? What about my spouse, parents, and kids? Will the vaccine affect other conditions and health issues? So yes, there are fears and unknowns, but a vaccine is better than no vaccine—that we know for sure.

My state just announced the next tier of vaccinations. I hope big pharma is introducing the new variants in the vaccine deliveries. I'm scared if I get covid, I'll die.

Confessional #25815844

Every day has been a "snow day" for me and my little boy since March. This is not natural and I'm so tired of trying to be strong until the vaccine comes. Our lives really, really suck.

Confessional #25815900

Lord help me, I'm going nuts. Anxiety isn't allowing me to do anything, so I sit and Google vaccine updates. I'm bored with housework/crafts/TV. The groundhog-ness is making me crazy.

Confessional #25814852

Our state just approved COVID vaccinations for those in senior living communities. Of course my 84yo grandparents contracted COVID a week ago. ONE EFFING WEEK before they could have received the vaccine. And my grandpa has cancer. Fuck COVID.

Confessional #25815171

Because the truth is, COVID fucking sucks. This past year has fucking sucked. The endless loop is like “Groundhog Day”… being stuck in the house with our kids week after week, month after month… not being able to see our parents and grandparents… it’s the worst. All of it. So yeah, we’ll take that vaccine any time, please and thank you.

Got my in-laws first dose of vaccine today. So relived, they are definitely going to be the reason if H and I get Covid.

Confessional #25813118

Neighbor is in medical, she got her first vaccine shot, and I'm ecstatic. First person I know to be vaccinated!!!

Confessional #25816305

My parents get their first covid 10 vaccine tomorrow... the first step in breathing easy for parents who are essential workers. We haven’t seen them since Nov2019.

Confessional #25814743

Even though most of us still have to wait a bit longer, 2021 feels hopeful. We feel optimism, and we feel relief, knowing that our families and loved ones will all be able to receive protection against this monster that’s taken so much from us.

So keep it up, Joe. Keep rolling those shots out into cities and states so they can get into arms as fast as possible. We need our teachers to safely return to the classroom. We need our kids to hug their grandparents. And we need a Mom’s Day Out (and by “day” I mean “week”—a week far, far away, in a very quiet place where no one asks for snacks or help wiping their butts). And none of this can happen until we are all safely vaccinated.