From The Confessional: Mixed Feelings About The COVID Vaccine

by Karen Johnson
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They’re finally here—the long awaited vaccines. What a fucking year it’s been. But while it seems like we aged 10 years in just 13 months, we can take comfort in knowing that the end of this nightmare is in our sight. Healthcare workers and teachers in most areas have been vaccinated, as well as the elderly. Younger adults with health risks are up next, and some states and cities have even declared that all adults over age 16 are now eligible.

We can seeeeee the light, folks. And it is pretty. Personally, I’m dreaming of going on a date with my husband, and finally letting my kids have their long-awaited sleepovers and playdates they’ve been missing once all of us get our shots. Even if my kids won’t be fully protected for a while as vaccines for younger kids are still in the testing phase, I feel optimistic that the world seems safer this year than it did last summer. And for that, I’m grateful.

The vaccine doesn’t just bring out hope and optimism in people, however. There is still a lot of negativity attached to the way it’s being distributed and anger towards asshole line-jumpers. Also, it’s making those of us who’ve been hiding from people we don’t want to see realize that soon, we’ll have to start people-ing again. Eeeek.

I'm happy vaccines are becoming more available, but I don't want to see my in-laws!

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I haven't told my parents DH and I got our first vaccines and are scheduled for our second. The excuse to not have them around has been a blessing.

Confessional #25824669

The best thing about COVID is not having to see my heinous in laws. I dread everyone getting vaccines bc I won’t have an excuse anymore.

Confessional #25823483

I just had my first Covid vaccine, I don't want to have to be around stupid horrible people again. I like being in my house.

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Not all of us have hated isolation, you know. For many, not having to see certain family members, or neighbors, or parents at our kids’ school has been the breath of fresh air we desperately needed. Once we are all vaccinated though, all those toxic jerks are going to start creeping back into our lives, and… ugggggh.

I was able to a Covid Vaccine appointment. My DH is mad because he thinks I don't need the vaccine since I'm home all day with the kids. He thinks if I get the vaccine I'll cheat on him.

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DH is an infectious diseases specialist. He helped a bunch of other family members get COVID vaccine appointments and was always on top of when they became eligible. I became eligible over a week ago and he hasn't said a single thing to me.

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The pandemic has taught me that I can't trust anyone. People who we were supposed to be bubbling with had dinner parties. Friends question whether or not to get the vaccine. My in-laws (local) are complete idiots and trying to live their lives normally

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I have a friend who whines about everything but does nothing about it. Doesn't follow up on job leads I send her, vaccine wait lists, grocery delivery information. She just wants to whine.

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This should be a joyous time. Vaccines are here! But for some, the rollout has just reminded them how much people suck—whether it’s their spouse, their in-laws, or their friend down the street. Vaccine or no vaccine, some people are just the worst.

My friend lied her way into getting the Covid vaccine for herself, her H, and her teenage daughter. Fucking bitch.

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My friend scammed her way to the front of the COVID vaccine line. Her health conditions do not make her a priority, so she exaggerated them. AND she made her H and daughter "caregivers., so they can also get the vaccine. Meanwhile, I wait...

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Wishing I was eligible for my covid vaccine... we have followed all the rules for a YEAR and I am pushed to see people line jumping (the same people who have been traveling, eating out and putting others at risk this whole damn time!)

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We’ve all heard the stories of famous people lying or paying off doctors to skip the line. And we also might know someone personally who did the same. It can be hard to feel excited when selfish, entitled turds ruin it for the rest of us who are doing the right thing.

It's honestly depressing how excited I am to score vaccine appointments for dh and myself. I used to get this excited over concert tickets. This country is so effed up.

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I have followed all the rules. I have stayed home with my kids for over a year. They are still remote learning. I have asthma, my DS has illness induced asthma. I just want my freaking vaccine but I won’t qualify for months to come. Fuck!

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I think it’s total bullshit that a friend in another state got a COVID vaccine before medically fragile people in my state bc her state made so many industries eligible. She wasn’t at any risk. Politicians are stupid.

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I am irrationally angry that I am not eligible to get a vaccine yet in my state. Especially as I watch what seems like everyone I know get one. When is it going to be my turn, dammit!

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It’s not surprising that vaccine distribution in some areas is a shit-show. Between opposing political views, technology crashing, and people scamming the system, many people who’ve done everything right this past year—quarantined, social distanced, wore a mask—are justifiably angry that they still can’t get a shot.

I can't WAIT to get the vaccine!!! All of those losers who don't want it- I'll take their doses too! Just pin cushion my ass.

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I'm floored by the people who normally condemn anti-vaxxers, and say you owe it to "herd immunity", then say they won't take a COVID vaccine when it becomes available. Seems like a bunch of "rules for thee, but not for me" hypocrites from my point of view

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I get serum sickness from most vaccines. It is truly awful, yet I am still going to get the COVID vaccine. I wish people would stop whining about it.

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And then there are those who refuse to get it altogether. Whatever. That just means I get mine sooner—in my arm, in my butt, I don’t even care.

I thought things would start to feel lighter with the vaccine roll-out and spring on the horizon, but I am still just trying to make it through the day...every day.

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3 of our 4 parents are schedule for their first Covid vaccines in the next week. I can't even express how excited I am for them to be protected. Yes, mostly so they can see the grandkids, but also because I'll finally get a freaking break!!

Confessional #25824237

I'm exhausted. I need my vaccine so I can do things outside the house again.

Confessional #25823660

All I want is the covid vaccine!!!!!!!!! I want my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confessional #25818751

Because we are all beyond exhausted. We’ve been running on fumes for months on end and there is nothing left to give. We need to get vaccinated, get a break from our kids, and start filling our cups again with playdates and coffee dates and dinner dates and vacations. Personally, I just want some peace and quiet for the first time in over a year. Just me and a book and no one saying “MOM!” for a whole day. Doesn’t that sound blissful?!

So if that vaccine is bringing out lots of emotions for you, that’s understandable. There’s the anxiety of trying to score an appointment, there’s the anger at line-jumpers when you’re doing the right thing and waiting your turn, and there’s the irritation at anti-vaxxers who march around with their chests puffed out, sporting MAGA hats and spouting conspiracy theories. Even though this is finally a time of hope and optimism—which we all so desperately need—there’s still a cloud of negativity hanging over us at times.

Just try to focus on the positive, including your own choices to do the right thing and ensure those who need it most get it first, and plan out the first thing you’ll do once you’re fully protected. Girlfriends’ weekend away? Yes please.

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