From The Confessional: People Are Sharing The Sweetest Moments

by Karen Johnson
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A mom being affectionate with her young son while working from home on her laptop.
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If there’s anything we need right now—to hold on to for hope—it’s kindness. On our worst day, we need others to be kind. And on others’ worst day, they need the same from us. Over the last four years, this country has been torn apart as the president incited violence and spewed hateful rhetoric, but we are better than that. We are stronger than that. And there is still—in our core—more good than bad.

The best way to heal the brokenness this administration has caused, and to repair the cracks among us, to actively be kind. Hold the door for the next person. Buy a coffee for the customer behind you. Donate to your local food pantry. Shovel the snow off the neighbor’s sidewalk. Help a mom in need buy diapers and clothes for her children. And, most importantly, make sure your kids see you. Make sure they have opportunities to do the same. Make sure they understand how vital kindness is.

Because our children are the future, and their future is at stake.

I've been selling stuff on FB Marketplace and putting the money aside in an envelope to use for random acts of kindness in my neighborhood. I pay for people's groceries, fill up gas tanks, put together food bags for the local pantry. It feels good!

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I love committing random acts of kindness anonymously. It means more to be unknown.

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One of DD's friends has kind of a rough homelife, so I make it a point to treat her well when she comes over. The kindness of my friend's parents got me through childhood. I will never forget it. I hope I have an impact on her, as well.

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Performing acts of kindness without expecting anything in return is the best way to fill your soul and make the world better.

I have worked hard at teaching my 4 year old girl empathy and kindness which she usually is. Today she told me she was teasing another girl and pre-K and it broke my heart and I’m so angry

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Sometimes I think I really suck at parenting and the reason my DD3 is such a diva is my fault. We/I try so hard to not allow sass and encourage kindness and respect... Think I'm failing and I'm so worried about her future.

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I get more excited shopping for the kids in need than I do my own kids. DS has been told he's not getting the extras this year as he's acted really poorly lately. Better behavior , empathy, honesty and kindness next year!

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Can spot a bitch a mile away. The mean girls in DD’s grade (third) dress just like their grown up mean girl mamas- athleisure (LuLuLemon) and messy top buns. Told DD to kill them with kindness. Can’t believe the pettiness starts so young.

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One of the most crucial parts of our job as parents is to teach our kids to be kind. Far more important than grades or having cool shoes or going on fancy vacations is ensuring that they grow up to be good humans. It’s not always easy to do, but it’s necessary.

DS15 is a tremendous football player but also a kind, smart, compassionate boy. Quit varsity as a sophomore due to not liking the hazing, bullying, exclusion that went on with players. I was so proud! Kindness can take you farther than sports!

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My first child was by far my most difficult. They've only gotten easier & more pleasant, almost sad I stopped at three. I've become more chill, & do peaceful parenting. Glad I didn't stop at one. Empathy, love & kindness ftw.

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My kids make me a better person. They’re only 3 & 1 but they teach me more about kindness and humility than anyone else. I honestly feel like they’re real angels.

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Had my son at 19 , for a while I thought what have a done It made life so hard. Hes much older now and I am who I am because of him , hes very loving and kind. His teachers rave about his kindness and empathy. Love can grow.

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Parenthood can often be the best teacher. When we see our kids be kind, we are reminded that we are doing a good job, and that we’re all going to be okay.

To the fellow mom at Target today that offered to put my cart in the corral while I loaded my kids in the car THANK YOU. Wish we could be mom friends... I have no one.. NO friends. Even if it was just a minute of kindness.. you made my week. Thank you.

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Finally went to obgyn today because I can't keep it together. She and her nurse gave me big hugs, let me cry, dx'ed me with postpartum depression, and got me a prescription. Never been on meds before but I can't handle life. Grateful for their kindness.

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I finally called the bill collector back today....after over a year of them leaving messages. I was stunned by how nice she was and how easy she made it (yes, I know that's her job...but I still really appreciated the kindness).

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To the parents at the playground today who smiled and said ‘Been there’ while my 5 yr old was melting down? Thank you, you have no idea how much this small kindness affected me. You are amazing.

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Put our beloved dog down today. Heartbroken but know it was the right decision. So thankful for all the kindness people have shown us. Reaffirms how much good is in the world. Please love your fur babies & other loved ones extra today.

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Experiencing kindness from someone else is an experience like no other. Just when you are ready to give up on this cruel world, you’re reminded how much beautiful goodness is still out there.

Done with religion in all forms. Let's believe in science and kindness instead of superstition judgment and hatred.

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left religion behind but still believe in god of love/kindness.realized how exhausting evangelical Christianity is especially mentally.cannot tell parents as they believe in hellfire,etc.glad they live cross country.leaving church made me a kinder person.

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Getting free of religion was the best gift I ever gave myself. No more shame about my body or enjoying sex, no more patriarchal double standards, kindness and inclusion for everyone, joy in the moment without relying on some future state, no hypocrisy.

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Unfortunately, it seems that religions that were built on the concept of “helping others in need” is often used as a justification for hate and judgment. If your religion supports the oppression of marginalized groups and allows you to judge others for whom they love, what country they were born in, or their skin color, you’re doing it wrong.

I don't have the heart to tell DH that I only said yes to that 1st (pity) date b/c I was lonely & his friend had a GF. I was gonna ghost him but his personality then kindness won me over. Been together 4 years & I am in love w/ him. He's the best hubby.

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I'm attracted to guys that don't fit the mold: dreads, tats, odd fashion, piercings, etc. But what matters more is kindness, genuine personality, honesty, etc. No clean-cut assholes for me, no matter how successful or attractive.

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Just finished a major home project with DH and it's confirmed we're perfect together. Not one harsh word, only kindness & teamwork, plus it turned out beautiful. How lucky can a gal get?

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After 25 years our marriage is as solid as ever and we still turn each other on. Can't keep our hands off each other. He's a good father & a fantastic husband. We talk and support each other. Kindness is key. I'm lucky.

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Kindness is sexy. Full stop.

I recognized today that as far as I know I only have one life, and I don't want to spend it counting my steps, or carbs, or likes, or followers. Life is short, we and this planet are in dire danger, and kindness, humanity, and respect are what matters.

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Rejection is a wound that runs deep. Don't ghost and abandon others needlessly. We don't know what people are living with. We need more compassion and kindness, even for trainwrecks. We've all been a wreck at some point. Period.

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As an American I cannot afford to travel outside the country.. but, I was raised to treat people with respect & kindness. I'm a bit backwoods but if someone was in trouble I'd try to help. Not all of us are dickheads..

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Attn Parents: Teachers bust their asses for your kids. Treat us with kindness and respect, and give us the benefit of the doubt. We’re flawed humans, too. —a teacher

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More than ever, after the cruelty this administration has shown to our own American people, we all need to fight back and prove that love wins.

We must show our appreciation to our teachers, our medical doctors and nurses, our first responders, our essential workers, our grocery store clerks, our garbage collectors, and our delivery men and women. We must teach our kids to welcome the new kid, to stand up to bullies, to learn about and value different cultures and backgrounds, and to understand that loving families comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

If you want to make this broken world better, spread some kindness today. And you’ll fill one of the many, many cracks that have broken us apart, and only then will we come back together as a nation.

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