10 Things That Will Give You A Massive Dose Of Girl Power

by Team Scary Mommy
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Smash the patriarchy in style.

We all know that ladies are the boss. But sometimes, everyone in your house needs a little reminder. Here are 10 products you can plant around your home while sending a message to the patriarchy.

Little Feminist Board Book Set

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Introduce your kiddos to some of the most important matriarchs in history. Each book in this set features four colorfully illustrated heroic women, from Amelia Earhart to Harriet Tubman to Frida Kahlo.

“I Believe in RBG” Mug

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This is the only mug befitting Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We all know that in her free time, she rides a unicorn cloud under a rainbow. Raise your glass to RBG’s health!

“Grow a Pair” Uterus Pin

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Does your family need to buck up and quit the whining? Fasten this pin anywhere for instant results.

“Let That Shit Go” Bracelet

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Stressed? Take a breath. Remember that you are a queen, and that it’s not that serious. Rise above with this helpful bracelet.

Wonder Woman Travel Bottle

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We know you’re an ass-kicking badass, but if you’re like a lot of moms, you’re probably not ready to deal with life until you’ve had coffee. Keep it warm (or cold!) with this stainless steel Wonder Woman travel bottle, and then go smash the patriarchy.

Her Hardware Toolkit

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Okay, so tools “made for women” sound kind of silly, but this tool kit is cute, compact, brightly colored, and all in one place. Never look for the scissors again!

Dear Girl

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The highly acclaimed bestseller Dear Girl is an excellent source of support for any budding matriarch. Amy Krouse Rosenthal wrote the children’s book with her daughter Paris shortly before passing away last year. It’s a beautifully illustrated series of encouraging letters, ranging in topics from social pressures to body image. Let’s show our girls how much we love them!

Uterus Bedsheets

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At first glance, these look like cool line drawings of cow skulls. Like, wow, you’re so Western! NOPE! It’s a uterus, you sneaky dog! You’re fueling the matriarchy with every nap. Plus, it’s kind of like sleeping in a womb.

Women in Science 2019 Calendar

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Your 2019 cat calendar is cute, but will it encourage girls to follow their dreams in STEM? Probably not. This calendar will! Profiling 50 women in engineering, space travel, medicine, and more, this gorgeously illustrated calendar will hang beautifully (and informatively!) all year long.

Matriarchy Ally Trophy

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Do the men in your life want a freaking parade every time they say something feminist? Well, here’s his trophy. You’re welcome, dude.

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