'This Is Something They Would've Loved': 'Fuller House' Men Dedicate Series To Late Moms

by Ashley Austrew

These Fuller House stars found a sweet way to pay tribute to their late moms.

In just two short months, all of us former Full House fans will be binge-watching the new Fuller House and wondering where we went wrong in our lives that we didn’t end up married to John Stamos. Until then, we’ve only got previews and press releases to tide us over. Luckily, the stars of the show have been all over the place lately, and Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier recently had a chat with People magazine, where they revealed possibly the sweetest “spoiler” ever: the first episode of the new show will feature a tribute to their moms.

The trio have been friends for decades, along with the creator of the original Full House, Jeff Franklin. Last year, their friendships were put to the test in a surprising way: all four of them lost their mothers within the same 12 months. It was a heartbreaking coincidence, but Coulier says their incredible friendship was what ultimately helped each of them get through it. “There was just an instant support system,” he told People. “I consider those guys my family. We’re just always there for each other. We really made some extraordinary friendships that will last forever.”

Together, they decided to pay tribute to their late mothers — Arlen Coulier, Carole Franklin, Dolly Saget, and Loretta Stamos — by putting a personalized “in loving memory” card at the end of the first episode of the new show. Both Stamos and Franklin say it felt like the right thing to do because their moms would have been so excited to see the remake. “I miss my parents being here,” said Stamos. “It would be fun if they were. My mom loved [the original show].” Adds Franklin, “This is something they [our moms] would have loved.”

One of the best things about the original Full House was the way the characters felt like family. The actors put themselves into the show, and it gave it a special kind of heart and soul that not every television show achieves. The remake has gotten tons of attention because it has that nostalgia factor that makes us all feel warm and fuzzy, but this moving tribute shows that the actors are still putting themselves into the show just as much as they did in the original. It’s going to be just as special, and I’m sure their moms would have loved every second of it.

Remakes are kind of a tricky business, but so far this one is shaping up to be really good. All of the original characters are back, save for the Olsen twins, who played baby Michelle and are off building their fashion empire. Also, from what’s been released to the media so far, the show seems to focus a lot on the growth of each character, rather than trying to recapture the former glory days of the Bob Saget-led Tanner family. As a lover of the original show, it gives me hope that just maybe this will be a reboot that surpasses the original and becomes a new favorite sitcom in its own right.

The new Fuller House will premier on Netflix on February 26. Until then, you can watch the official teaser video over and over again, and try not to cry:

H/T Refinery29