Let’s All Follow In The Footsteps Of This PTA Fundraiser And Let The Bake Sale Die

by Maria Guido
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Best PTA fundraiser form ever goes viral again

Bake sales. Sending our children door-to-door selling gross chocolate and crap that no one wants. Bringing catalogs to work with the ugliest Christmas stuff ever conceived — these are the indignities of being the parent of a school-aged child. Why do we subject ourselves to this stuff?

One PTA thought of a way to avoid it all – and it’s brilliant. Take a look at this donation form sent home to parents of children at one Rockland, Texas school that mom Dee Wise Heinz shared last year. It’s going viral again because — well, you’ll understand why.

Image via Facebook/ Dee Wise Heinz

The fundraising “business” is out of hand. And it’s really hard as a working parent to keep up with these extra events that are required to show your support. There’s no shame in throwing money at something, sorry. I will join my kid’s PTA just to pitch this form. And if I have to leave with my head bowed in shame, so be it.

Be honest, how many of those “World’s Finest” chocolate bars have you eaten when your kid had to sell them for a fundraising event? Who can be trusted with an entire box of chocolate bars in the house? Some of us don’t want an entire box of chocolate bars in our house. Some of us don’t want to end up with 14 Yankee Candles because we didn’t want to hit up our neighbors. How many rolls of wrapping paper do you have in your house? How many times have you just bought the stuff yourself? Let’s cut out the middle man.

This PTA donation form should be spread throughout the land, far and wide. The fact that this photo from someone’s personal Facebook page has been shared over 200,000 times is an indication that there are plenty of parents fed-up with the whole fundraiser charade. Give those of us parents who aren’t good at this stuff a break.

Let us send a check.

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