12 Hilarious Tweets From The Funny Dads Of Twitter

by Valerie Williams

Father’s Day is this weekend, so it’s time to celebrate dads. Well, we kind of always celebrate dads for doing minor things that moms do every day, but we digress. We still love them and need them and they deserve a special day recognizing their contributions.

For our part, we’re honoring the occasion by highlighting the funny dads of Twitter. They keep it hilariously real every day and help us laugh when we’d rather cry. Thanks, guys. Keep up the good work.

1. That bear didn’t stand a chance.

Anyone he happens upon will be subject to his dadly advice. Them’s the rules.

2. Pro tip.

While us moms worry about enriching activities that teach our kids valuable lessons, dads have mastered the art of not giving a fuck. Let’s learn from them.

3. The Meryl Streep of dads.

He can look at his phone and feign interest in any number of boring kid subjects. Definitely worthy of a trophy.

4. Dads don’t need no stinking help.

Let us all have the confidence of a dad who’s been wandering Home Depot for two hours and has turned down help several times along the way.

5. They try to see the good in their kids.

Is there blood everywhere? Yup. Does he have a future in the NFL? Maybe.

6. They have super patience.

Or just superior abilities to zone out and ignore annoying things. Trying to give you some credit here, guys.

7. And they keep it real.

They celebrate the big milestones too. In their own way.

8. They’re truly empathetic.

Although it only takes my two kids to make me want to hide in a trashcan some days.

9. They always give it their best.

Is he perfect? Not even close. Does he care? Meh.

10. They know a good thing when they see it.

They may not ask for help at the hardware store, but they’re open to brilliant new ideas involving potato chips.

11. They keep things exciting.

And also, pretty innovative. Why go the Mary Poppins route when you can send them all scrambling instead?

12. And they know when to call in the pros.

Happy Father’s Day, dads!