HOLY SH*T (You've Got To Vote)

by Maria Guido
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Image via YouTube/ Funny Or Die

Celebrities crack us up to remind us this election is actually no laughing matter — get out there and VOTE

This election season, we’ve really had to laugh to keep from crying. So what better way to get a reminder to vote out there than to get a few dozen actors and comedians together to remind us just how ridiculous it is that Trump is even ON the ticket? We need to get out and vote, people. And we need to remind every single person we know that they need to get out and vote, too.

Funny or Die wants to help us do just that. They put together a video that we can all share far and wide. Totally not safe for kids’ ears, by the way.

HOLY SH*T (You’ve Got To Vote) from Funny Or Die

It’s really come to this. Donald Trump. Donald Trump. How did this happen?

“I can’t believe I’ve had to stoop so low, but an orange talking STD has driven me to this recording studio. And now Moby is on the drums, while Elizabeth Banks plays bass, so we can try to convince the U.S.A not to shoot itself in the face,” the song starts.

Tuesday, people. This election is finally coming to an end on Tuesday.

“Look, obviously only Hitler’s Hitler. (No one does Hitler, like Hitler.) But break up Mien Kampf into tiny parts and it reads like a Trump rant on Twitter,” another lyric that would be funnier if it weren’t so true.

What they’re saying is, “We’ve got to stop that sentient septic tank and you’re our only hope… so holy fucking shit, goddamn, motherfucker, jesus fucking christ PLEASE VOTE.”

Here’s a link to everything you need to know about early voting.

Need to find your polling place? Google “How to find your polling place” and an easy-to-use tool will pop up. You can also go here.

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