Finally! A Video Exposing The Disturbing Truths Behind Planned Parenthood

by Sarah Hosseini
Image via Funny or Die

Funny or Die uncovers the “heinous activities” of Planned Parenthood in video

Republicans and House Speaker Paul Ryan announced this week that the GOP plans to strip federal tax dollars from Planned Parenthood …. again. It’s part of their larger effort to pass a bill that repeals many of the fundamentals of Obamacare (AKA – they’re trying to demolish it). President Obama has vetoed bills similar in nature in the past, but with a majority Republican House and Senate, and a Republican president-elect, the slashing of funds has those that value affordable health care for women very concerned.

As news spread that Planned Parenthood could be defunded, a “scandalous” video resurfaced on the internet that uncovers all of the horrible things the health organization does. Check it out and prepare to be scandalized.

“Planned Parenthood is relentless — in screening for breast and cervical cancer,” one woman says in the video.

“They just answered question after question after question that I had,” says another.

The horror.

The female comedians cast in the video ooze wise-crackery and it’s brilliant. As you may have guessed, the video is satire and brimming with sarcasm, which goes a long way in pointing out the absurdities and misconceptions conservatives push about Planned Parenthood.

The video originally surfaced in August 2015 when Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, was called upon to testify before congress about the program. As for this latest push to zero out funding for Planned Parenthood, Richards tweeted that they won’t go down without a fight.

“This is a priority for the Republicans,” explains House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in remarks she made this week. “So I just would like to speak individually to women across America: this is about respect for you, for your judgment about your personal decisions in terms of your reproductive needs, the size and timing of your family or the rest, not to be determined by the insurance company or by the Republican ideological right-wing caucus in the House of Representatives. So this is a very important occasion where we’re pointing out very specifically what repeal of the (Affordable Care Act) will mean to woman.”

Here’s what we all need to wrap our heads around about Planned Parenthood: federal funds are prohibited by law from being used for abortion. Period. Planned Parenthood gets about $450 million a year in federal funding, and about $400 million is reimbursement for services that are covered by Medicaid, according to CNN. Abortions are NOT covered under Medicaid, unless, and these are the only exceptions – a mother’s life is in danger or in cases of rape or incest.

Planned Parenthood’s mission is to provide health care, particularly to women. They offer contraception to prevent unintended pregnancies, STD screenings, breast cancer and cervical cancer screenings. Sounds pretty pro-life, doesn’t it?

Women’s health issues are stigmatized and attacked on so many levels, but Planned Parenthood aims to counter all of that and actually help. Yet, here we are again, defending our right to simply choose the proper health care for our bodies.

“Planned Parenthood overwhelmed me with the ability to make my own choices — without having to ask my congressman,” a woman said in the video.

Sad that choice seems to be such an unattainable and radical idea right now.