Sleep Deprivation, As Told By The Funniest Parents On Twitter

by Valerie Williams
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Everyone knows that when you have kids, you lose sleep. It’s an accepted truth of parenting and we muddle through the tough phases as best we can hoping that one day, we’ll get a solid night’s sleep. In the meantime, there are ways to cope and while coffee is probably the number one antidote, a sense of humor follows closely behind. Like so many other indignities of parenting, if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry. And that’s why these hilarious tweets from the funny parents of Twitter are such a welcome diversion from the hellscape that is parental sleep deprivation.

1. This is diabolical. And genius.

The only thing worse than a kid who refuses to sleep is a kid who refuses to sleep unless they’re snuggled right up to you with one foot in your ass and a few tiny fingers stabbing you in the eye. Do whatever you have to do to keep them out. Now’s not the time for compassion. 2. Goals

This is literally the smartest idea of all time ever. Shut up and take my money.

3. Oh, the humanity.

You’re at their mercy. And they know it. Drinks, night-light adjustments, more books — their stalling tactics are endless but your patience is not. Just keep repeating: it’s only a phase. Or, drink a lot. Whatever. 4. Hello from the other side…of the bed.

How? How is a teeny body able to take up more space than a grown adult? While you try to make the best of the sliver of bed your toddler allows, they sleep peacefully in the lap of luxury. While periodically whacking you in the face with their pudgy little arm, of course.

5. No bribe is too ridiculous.

In that moment of desperately needing your child to go to sleep, you’ll try anything. The problem is, you have to answer to it when they wake up. Oh well. Worth it. 6. Totally reasonable.

There’s a couch. There’s no kids around. Name your price. We’ll pay it.

7. Their timing is impeccable.

Whenever you’re about to shut your eyes is when your children will morph into their most demonic and destructive selves. It’s like they know. How the f*ck do they always know!? 8. Speaking of timing..

Oh, your kid’s down for a nap? Time for the entire neighborhood to mow their lawns, for the UPS guy to ring the doorbell and the dog next door to launch into a 10-minute barking fit! And you thought you were going to catch up on Jessica Jones. Think. Again.

9. At least wait until it’s light out.

It’s amazing how swiftly your definition of “sleeping in” changes after becoming a parent. Amazing. And very sad. 10. This about sums it up.


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