The Funny Parents Of Twitter On Watching The Eclipse With Kids

by Valerie Williams
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The eclipse is at long last over, everyone. Whether you’re one of the super parents who obtained appropriate eyewear on time for your little angels along with coordinating an eclipse viewing party, or among those of us who didn’t do a damn thing and just told the kids to not look at the damn sun today (slowly raises hand), we have some tweets that are sure to make you giggle.

1. Same.

We so feel you, sun. More than you know.

2. Naturally.

What’s a massive, once-in-several-decades event without some Goldfish crackers and string cheese?

3. They shall never question us again.

Best. Disciplinary. Threat. EVER.

4. Oh look we missed it.

Tonight the news will report how thousands of parents missed the eclipse because their kids were fighting over the eclipse glasses. Yes, they both had a pair. Yes, they’re the exact same design.

5. So authentic.

There’s the light….annnnd dark again. Repeat three thousand times a day.

6. Because of course they did.

They don’t listen any other day, why start when their retinas could literally burn otherwise?

7. *shakes head*

Cool bug, once-in-a-lifetime solar event? Sames.

8. Good call.

This would solve a number of problems, really. Gray hairs? Can’t even see them!

9. Fingers crossed.

If you need me, I’ll just be chanting incantations that my kids don’t look at the freaking sun today without me there to yell at them not to look at the freaking sun. Totally normal behavior.

10. They literally don’t care.

Just another one of those things parents get all hyped up for that kids can take or leave. Just let them eat the cereal. They’ll be equally enthused.

11. Truth.

Nothing escapes. Not a thing.

12. No pressure or anything.

Hope y’all had a great eclipse day!

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