The Funny Parents Of Twitter On Surviving Thanksgiving

by Valerie Williams
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Get out your fat pants and stock up on alcohol — it’s time for family, food and fun. But let’s be honest —how much fun can a parent really have on Thanksgiving?

Sure, there will be some bright spots — football, turkey, a few glasses of wine. But your kids will still be picky eaters. Only now instead of refusing your food, they can reject Aunt Karen’s green bean casserole, mortally offending her for the rest of the day. They’re cranky and tired from travel and screwy sleep schedules, so tantrums abound. They’re hyper and excited because it’s almost time for the stupid fucking Elf on the Shelf. Compound all of this by the fact that the grandparents are filling them up with sugary garbage, and it adds up to a day that’s pretty much ridiculous. Luckily, we the funny parents of Twitter have plenty to say about the exquisite torture of Thanksgiving with kids.

1. They literally don’t give a shit.

In the face of an elaborate feast, your kids will still want their old standbys. Fire up the Easy Mac, Nana. They don’t give a single shit about your sweet potato pie.

2. *Facepalm*

Clear your plate for a hefty helping of humiliation this holiday season! If you have a preschooler, the whole table will get to hear that mommy and daddy “wrestle” on Sunday mornings and lock the bedroom door. Bring extra wine. Trust us.

3. Nobody has to know.

‘Tis the season for lying about your culinary prowess. Wear a cute apron and no one will question you. I speak from experience.

4. Drawstrings are Bae.

Asking me to wear pants with a zipper on Thanksgiving is more offensive than turning down my patented Stuffin’ Muffins. Just don’t.

5. Mommy’s thankful for vodka.

Holy shit, kid. You’re not applying for college. Just write “my iPad” and call it a day.

6. And wine.

We just really love wine is all.

7. Seriously.

Thanksgiving can join the list of other shit that used to be fun and fulfilling until you had kids who managed to whine and complain every step of the way. #Blessed.

8. They’re lying.

Post-election, lots of us are in for somewhat uncomfortable holiday dinners. “Enjoy” may be a bit strong of a word to describe fighting with your racist uncle about what constitutes a hate crime. Again, be liberal with the wine.

9. All the way to rock-bottom.

Try not to envy your child-free siblings as they sprawl out on the couch watching football and eating pie while you try to coax your toddler out of yet another tantrum. Someday you’ll get to relax too. Like in 15 years, but still. It’s coming.

10. Really looking forward to it.

Pretty much regular daily life except the food takes longer to make and you have an unforgiving audience documenting every misstep. So much to be thankful for.

11. Should’ve been more specific.

Nobody actually likes cranberry sauce anyway. You’re doing the Lord’s work.

12. It’s gonna take him awhile.

This is mission critical. Definitely give dad a heads’ up so you aren’t draining all your data staring at your phone to avoid your family. Happy Thanksgiving, parents!

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