Happy Father's Day: The Best Tweets From The Funniest Dads On Twitter

by Valerie Williams
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Father’s Day is this weekend and in honor of that momentous occasion, we’re celebrating the men in our lives. That’s right. This week’s tweets are all from the funny dads of Twitter. And boy do they deliver.

Whether it’s sharing their fatherly “wisdom” with their kids or pulling some discipline moves us moms probably never would have considered, dads have that extra special way of doing things. And this weekend is all about them. Here are some of our favorite funny dads on Twitter with some thoughts on being a dad. Funny thoughts, of course.

1. Dad skills so strong.

Even a grizzly bear is no match for a determined dad who wants to impart some knowledge.

2. Effective as hell.

They get an “A” for effort, right? Well, no. Because God knows moms don’t. But at least they’re trying?

3. They can fit the whole world in those shorts.

What is it with dads and cargo shorts? It’s like the moment they become a parent, they feel the need to wear everything they own on their person. Or at least to have the option if they choose. Whatever, dads. You do you.

4. No request is too ridiculous.

Of course he will. Dads love a challenge.

5. Oops.

Somebody has to do it. Dads are like, the clean-up guys.

6. Fore!

They practically give you a set of clubs on your way out of the hospital and about 80% of Father’s Day gifts are golf-themed. Play the part. It’s the least you can do.

7. The pinnacle of Dad Jokes.

And later in life, the kid will look back on that joke fondly. Only a dad could get away with such awesomely hilarious cruelty.

8. Teaching life’s lessons the hard way.

Moms might hide in the closet to eat their treasured chocolates, but dads torture in broad daylight. Honestly, us moms could learn a thing or two from their more brazen approach.

9. They can’t be glamoured.

Moms will fall for that sweetness and melt into their tiny 3-year-old without a single shred of suspicion. Dads are a bit…different.

10. They don’t ask for much.

They don’t need flowers and elaborate brunches and gifts. Just cancel one god damn practice. That would be enough.

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