The Funny Parents Of Twitter Talk Pumpkin Spice Takeover

by Valerie Williams

Love it or leave it, it’s that time of year where everything except your tampons (just wait…it’ll happen eventually) turns to pumpkin spice. Flavored, scented or whatever, it’s the fall trend so popular it actually starts at the end of the summer, God help us. Of course, the main thing is those lattes us moms can’t seem to get enough of but it’s also candles, Oreos, soaps, cream cheese, beer, lotion — the list of pumpkin-tainted items is seemingly endless. Fall is now synonymous with pumpkin spice. We literally can’t escape it.

If you’re a pumpkin spice hater, gather round. If you love the stuff, there’s something here for you too, because the funny parents of Twitter are all over the pumpkin spice phenomenon with hilarious tweets about this new fall mainstay.

1. Sweet freedom.

Pumpkin spice is great and all but who needs it when we can finally yell without worrying the neighbors are judging us? Bring on the chill.

2. Its versatility knows no bounds.

Just dump it into anything. While you’re at it, sprinkle it on the kids. A huge scent improvement from dirty feet and poop.

3. And pumpkin spice on that bowl full of mush.

Pumpkin spice story time because, why not? It’s invading everything else in our lives.

4. Nope.

All that caffeine and sugar can have unintended consequences. Like keeping you up all night thinking about when you’ll have another pumpkin spice latte. Or just getting up every hour to pee.

5. It’s not just us.

Pumpkin spice has inter-species appeal. Now all they need is teeny infinity scarves.

6. There’s rules, you know.

Everyone around you will want to throw pumpkin spice in your eye if you make them breathe in fall while they’re still in flip flops. Calm down. The time will come.

7. An exception.

If it means no more election talk, fine. We can talk pumpkin spice before grilling season is over. Better than talking about Trumpkin. See what I did there? I’m here every Thursday!

8. Who needs fall?

We have a bunch of preschool songs about the seasons that need their lyrics updated.

9. Preach.

They cut her before the first tour. Shame. She was so relatable.

10. What a way to go.

Sprinkle pumpkin spice on my casket.

11. It’s the first step toward recovery.

To some of us, those PSLs taste like hot, sweet vomit. I may or may not be one of them. Trying to remain neutral here in the war on pumpkin spice.

12. Seriously.

You’ve been warned. Happy Fall!