The Funny Parents Of Twitter On Why Kids' TV Is A Blessing And A Curse

by Valerie Williams
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Kids’ television shows are a total double-edged sword. They get parents the much-needed quiet time they crave, but after a few years of listening to those screechy theme songs and annoying characters, some might wonder if it’s worth the pain.

When you’re out with friends and all you have to offer for conversation is the latest plot twist from Peppa Pig, it’s easy to vilify kids’ TV shows. But then, it affords you a quiet hour in the evening so you can make dinner without a child tugging your yoga pants to your ankles in their quest to be picked up and suddenly, TV is bae. Luckily, the funny parents of Twitter understand the complicated love/hate relationship parents have with their childrens’ favorite shows.

1. You’ll never see Black Mirror. Give up.

No one at the water cooler wants to hear about the newest episode of Paw Patrol, but that’s literally all you have to offer. Sad.

2. We *so* get it now.

Ever think back to those Saturday mornings spent watching four hours of cartoons in blissful silence and understand why you were allowed to do that? It all makes sense now.

3. Why, though?

Honestly, even 22 minutes doesn’t feel like enough some of the time, so who in the hell thought five minutes was a bright idea? No thank you, please.

4. Every. Single. Song.

Realize with horror that you have no idea who’s singing anything on the radio anymore, but your brain has every Disney Jr. tune running on a loop. That’s a tough one to come to terms with.

5. Hilarious.

They know. You know. Drop the charade and let the good times roll.

6. Savage.

You do what you need to do. We won’t judge. We might take notes though.

7. You might get too invested.

It’s when you find yourself really wondering about the inner workings of your kids’ favorite TV shows that you should probably take a break.

8. Stop lying to yourself.

We start off with the best intentions and end with our kid watching half a season of Octonauts just so we can make the noise stop. It’s the natural progression of things.

9. Love us anyway.

Tell your child-free friends you won’t always be this insufferable and uninteresting. This is who you are for now. Own it.

10. Trippy AF.

There’s really only one way to tolerate Thomas the Train and it’s definitely alcohol. That’s it. Just lots of alcohol.

11. The REAL milestones.

Walking? Crawling? First words? How nice. But the day your kid can turn on the TV himself you’ll hear fucking angels sing. Come at me, bro. You know I’m right.

12. So rustic.

Plus, commercials. Like an actual scary story!

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