13 Tweets About Living With Anxiety That Will Make You Laugh Instead Of Cry

by Valerie Williams

Anxiety disorders are nothing new, but thanks to social media, they’re being talked about openly more and more. For those suffering from this miserable condition, knowing they aren’t alone is pretty much priceless. Being able to laugh about it a little bit? Even better.

Because even though anxiety can be a complete nightmare, there are some funny moments, and sharing them with others going through the same thing can be healing. Thanks to the hilarious (and anxious) people of Twitter, there’s no shortage of material.

1. Someone’s sitting on a goldmine.

There’s literally millions to be made here. A monthly subscription, perhaps? Because talking on the phone with strangers is an actual nightmare for those with anxiety.

2. Quadruplets!

One big worry spawns several medium worries which go on to have a bunch of tiny worries and now you have your own little family of worries. And it fucking sucks.

3. Fine, let’s do all of elementary school.

Anxious thoughts pop up at the most inopportune times and refuse to go away. It’s especially fun when it’s about something you can’t ever change.

4. It’s a different kind of battle.

Once again, talking to strangers is a tall order for someone with anxiety. Can we do drive-thru touch screens? Another million-dollar plan.

5. Ugh go away.

Nothing kills productivity like obsessive thoughts about complete nonsense. The laundry will have to wait — we have to panic about shit that happened ages ago that we can’t ever change!

6. OMG, please back off.

Guess I’m not the only one who usually brings home several wrong items from the grocery store because I was gripped with panic that I was in someone’s way and made hasty choices. #solidarity

7. Oh, so, always?

It’s literally always there. Lucky us.

8. Same.

Everyone’s experience with anxiety is different so naturally, you get to have anxiety about your anxiety. How nice.

9. Shut. Up.

It’s always when you think things are going well that anxiety creeps in to remind you that in fact, there’s plenty to worry about. Thanks, pal.

10. Fake it ’til you make it.

Lies. There are so many worries.

11. Awww.

Nothing like the fear of passing your anxiety disorder on to your kids. So you can be anxious about that too. Sigh.

12. Like magic.

Simply put, never say this, non-anxiety sufferers.

13. Too many different blues.

There’s nothing calm about choosing between three dozen colors because what if you pick the wrong color and then that sheet is ruined and you might as well throw it away and start all over NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS RELAXING.