The Women Of Twitter On Girl Power

by Valerie Williams

There are so many hilarious women rocking it on Twitter every day. They talk about feminism, equality, raising empowered girls and speaking out for our rights — and somehow manage to make it all funny. With their words, they remind the world that girl power is nothing to mess with. These ladies of Twitter never disappoint and give us plenty to think (and laugh) about when it comes to girl power and life as a woman.

1. That’s not what mommy meant by having your voice heard, sweetie.

Don’t you wish we could pick and choose when our daughters express themselves? At school? Yes. Someday at work? Absolutely. But not the grocery store. Never the grocery store.

2. Who run the world?

Hell yes, we did.

3. *deep breaths*

There’s a fine line between discipline and quashing her little feminist spirit. Good luck trying to toe it for the next 18 years.

4. Priorities.

We need protein and healthy skin for when we take over, obviously.

5. How about that.

Anyone who says they don’t believe in feminism doesn’t know what feminism is.

6. It’s time.

We might be adorably dressed for a fun night out, but don’t be fooled — we’re still plotting to take down the patriarchy.

7. Excellent question.

And this is why we will always need feminism.

8. Boom.

Women can give birth and carry $150 worth of groceries into the house in one trip. Beat that, bro.

9. Can we sit with her?

Good to know the next generation of strong women is coming along nicely.