Make Your BFF Very Happy With These Galentine's Day Gifts

by Team Scary Mommy
Image via Scary Mommy

Galentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to shower your BFF with some love

Valentine’s Day is coming up which is cool and whatever, but we’d like to focus your attention on Galentine’s Day, the real MVP holiday. This is the perfect opportunity to give your best bud a large heaping of love with hilarious t-shirts, delicious smelling candles, and girl power mugs.

“Was Cool Once” Cactus T-Shirt

Image via Scary Mommy

No, but seriously, you and your best buds WERE cool once. Remember when you used to go out and do crazy things and not put on your pajamas at 6:30 PM? Well, here’s a reminder in the form of a very cute t-shirt.

“Behind Every Great Woman is Great Women” Keychain

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I mean, is there really any sentiment more accurate than this? Galentines of the world, unite.

“Stomp the Patriarchy” Iron-On Patch

Image via Scary Mommy

Sorry Nancy Sinatra, but we’re going to need to do a little song lyric revision. Your BFF is definitely going to want to iron this bad boy on her jacket and remind men everywhere that one of these days these boots are INDEED gonna walk all over you.

“Owl Love” Enamel Pin Card

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Is there really anything cuter to give your galentine than this canary yellow owl card and little owl pin? Nobody needs chocolates when they’ve got adorable owls.

“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” Candle

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This candle is a much less annoying way to remind your best buds that you guys are “squad goals” (ugh). Also, you can snag it in delicious colors like metallic rose, lavender&sage, and spicy blood orange.

“Girl, You Need to Calm Down” Candle

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Sometimes your best bud needs to be reminded to call the F down (in the most loving way, of course). Say it with this bubblegum pink candle that smells like the blossoms of a Japanese Cherry Tree.

“Badass Mama” Heart Camper Mug

Image via Scary Mommy

Your galentine should be reminded every single morning, while she blearily drinks her coffee, that’s she’s a badass mama.

Thank You For Being A Friend T-Shirt

Image via Scary Mommy

She’s the Blanche to your Rose. The Sophia to your Dorothy. Should you binge watch Golden Girls with your BFF on Galentine’s Day, while wearing these shirts? Yes, yes you should.

Here’s to the best Galentine’s Day yet. Leslie Knope would be so proud.