Tweets On Why The Finale Of 'Game Of Thrones' Sucked May Be Better Than The Episode

by Valerie Williams
Helen Sloan/HBO

Fans hit Twitter to express their anger and disappointment after last night’s “Game of Thrones” finale

Emotions are running extremely high on this, the day after the very last ever episode of Game of Thrones. Expectations were mixed and probably too high for everyone to be happy no matter what direction the story took, but last night’s finale left much to be desired for a lot of fans, if Twitter’s to be believed.

It didn’t take long for the tweets of anger and disappointment at how the insanely popular HBO show wrapped up its eight-season odyssey about the world of Westeros and everyone in it. Are people possibly going a bit overboard with their fury? Perhaps. But did millions of us invest countless hours over the last eight years obsessing over every detail of the complex plot lines and characters only to be left wanting in the end as show runners seemingly rushed to the finish line? You betcha. Luckily, plenty of people made light of their upset and if you’re in need of some levity after last night’s ending, you’re definitely in luck.

First of all, did the show’s writers even know Beyonce was watching? You can’t disappoint Beyonce, you guys.

The overall biggest gripe seems to be all the unanswered questions that, by all rights, really should’ve been resolved by the end.

The people WANT answers, y’all.

Fans feel like they invested so much in complex storylines and character arcs that ended in kind of a fart noise.

There were quite a few missed opportunities.

And a few unexplained plot holes. Just a few.

Just… a whole big bunch of WTF?

And why?

And yes, PLENTY of women recognized the looks on Sansa and Arya’s faces when “Bran the Broken” took the top spot in the seven (no wait, six) realms after doing… kind of nothing? Over the course of the series, the Stark sisters endured and accomplished so much while Bran just sort of arrived in time to usurp them. Sounds. About. Right.

Extremely this.

I mean, really? Really?!

However — there were some bright spots. The brightest of all if social media is the decider is when Jon finally gave Ghost some Good Boy ear scratches. The ones denied the loyal pup in the prior episode that he so richly deserved.

People were also very here for Sansa’s coronation making her Queen in the North. As she was always meant to be.

People were also VERY here for her harsh take on Bran ruling over Westeros.

Overall, the mixed reactions prove that there’s no way any ending would’ve made every fan happy. But at least we got these amazing tweets all season to sustain any disappointment in the show itself. Long live Twitter and House Stark.