Hide From Your Kids All Summer Long With This Giant Garden Dome

by Julie Scagell
Originally Published: 

You can be contained in bliss whilst enjoying the sunshine

If you’re like me, your kids have been home on summer break long enough that you’re out of your typical indoor hiding places to escape from their incessant requests for their fourth lunch of the day. Amazon feels our pain and is giving parents an outdoor option to zip themselves up in all year round when we need a break from, well, everything.

The e-commerce giant is always one step ahead of our dreams and this Garden Dome Igloo is no exception. What is a Garden Dome Igloo, you may be asking yourselves? Well, it’s a 107-square foot, clear conservatory of sorts for parents to hide from their children. Fine, that’s not in the actual description but we can’t think of a better way to explain it. Look at how chill this woman looks. We want and need that chill in our summer lives, please.


The dome is glamping at it’s finest because you are still “away” from home but can come inside to refill your wine glass and use a semi-clean toilet if needed. It’s made from non-corrosive, 100 percent recyclable PA6 and PVC materials and boasts a comfortable inside temperature all year round because “sunlight is always transmitted at right angles throughout the day.”

The max height inside is 7′ 2″, which means it’s perfect for you and your friends who aren’t NBA players and it’s wind and snow resistant, so you can hide from your kids during winter breaks, too.

Once Mommy’s in her weird plastic isolation chamber, children may only come calling if there is a dangling limb or enough blood to necessitate an ER visit (and even that’s up for debate). No word if it’s soundproof, but just look how happy this woman is reading her book by herself. She’s not even paying attention to the dog. Dammit, this woman’s found Narnia.


Of course, all good things come at a price and the Garden Dome is no exception. Retail price is $1,199 which sounds like a lot but can you really put a price tag on happiness and total isolation? Studies show moms only get 30 minutes to themselves a day and dammit if we’re not going to enjoy it in this plastic yard bubble.


Obviously, it’s clear so your kids and spouse will still be able to see you, but that doesn’t mean you have to acknowledge them. As long as you sell it, they’ll eventually give up and fend for themselves. Right?

Reviews have mostly been positive with one woman saying it’s a “great place to have a glass of wine with my partner under the stars!” Or read a book by yourself while your kids eat crackers and freeze pops for fourth lunch. Whatever — you do you.


Based on the pictures, you can decorate your igloo with all your favorite items — plants, cozy rugs, pillows, candles, large amounts of plants — to make it feel like home. Except it’s not home. It’s quiet and serene and you can physically zip everyone out of your life until you’re ready to see them again. You’re living life on your own terms and it sounds divine.

We deserve this, moms. Treat yo’self.

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