'Garden Spicer' Lets You Put Sean Spicer In (Or Among) Your Bushes

by Mike Julianelle
Image via Facebook

After Sean Spicer hid from the press “among” the bushes, a crafty woman went to work

One of the week’s more amusing stories was that of President Trump’s embattled (they should trademark that: “President Trump’s embattled [INSERT TITLE HERE]”) Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who corrected a report that he’d been hiding in the bushes after speaking to the press. In fact, the correction stated, he’d been hiding among the bushes, come on guys!

Great news from the internet: now he can hide “among” yours.

New York Magazine chronicles the details of the correction saga, as highlighted by this tweet from Tom McGeveran, showcasing The Washington Post’s correction to their bush story.

The whole thing was plenty funny on its own, especially for those of us needing a laugh while cloaked in the suffocating darkness of the Trump administration’s descending totalitarianism. Many Americans could use a little levity, no doubt.

Enter Lisa Kadonaga, an enterprising craft enthusiast and/or passionate mocker of the Trump Administration. She took it open herself to create some special “Garden Spicer” cutouts for your shrubbery!

In just two days, her Facebook post showcasing the cutouts – “Now you too can have the White House press secretary in — or rather, “among”* — the bushes in your yard.” – has over 100,000 shares, proving that Americans need more Spicer in our lives. Or at least among our landscaping.

Image via Facebook

Kadonaga gets in a solid rib at the Press Secretary in her description of the item when she nods at his tendency to dodge, duck, and escape the press at every opportunity, whether into the bushes, among the bushes, or whatever other preposition works with bushes. Atop? Underneath? Where’s Gavin Rossdale when you need him?

Image via Facebook

“If you’re concerned that when exposed to the outdoors, the image will run ….no worries, that’s exactly what Sean Spicer does, so it’s totally authentic!”

Image via Facebook

If nothing else, these cut-outs give you the perfect excuse for not maintaining the greenery in your yard. The dude needs cover.

Of course, the internet is having a total blast with it.

Sometimes, when things are bleak, a hero needs to arise and bring us hope. Lisa Kadonaga is probably not that person. (That person seems to be Sally Yates.)

Lisa made cardboard cutouts mocking the most easily mockable member of the Trump administration (which is saying something because the president has brought us a murderer’s row of walking punchlines), she’s not exactly Captain America. (And Sean Spicer is no super villain.)

But she is doing the Lord’s work by making us temporarily forget our collective terror so we can laugh for a minute and for that, she deserves kudos. And though she could make millions selling these cut-outs in every blue state in the country, she instead provided it for free to the internet masses. We are eternally grateful.

Unfortunately, I live in an apartment in Brooklyn, so I have no bushes to speak of. But I can improvise! Now please excuse me while I go peek Spicey’s half-hidden face over the shower and scare my wife into thinking the Republicans have finally gotten into her bathroom.