Here's The Gender Reveal Lasagna Literally No One Asked For

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Villa Italian Kitchen

Ready or not, a Gender Reveal Lasagna catering package is now available to expecting parents

Parents, we have urgent news for you. The trend of gender reveal parties truly needs to die, and not just because it’s kind of creepy and problematic, but because they’ve officially jumped the shark.

A quick-service Italian food chain is now selling a Gender Reveal Lasagna catering package — and it looks every bit as gross as it sounds.

That’s right. Villa Italian Kitchen is offering the gender reveal pasta dish absolutely no one asked for. A lasagna with cheese dyed to correspond with your baking baby’s sex! Pink for a girl, blue for a boy, naturally. Can we think of anything less appealing than blue-tinged ricotta? I personally cannot.

My inner (and outer) Sicilian is recoiling in horror. YOU DO NOT DYE CHEESE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Image via Villa Italian Kitchen

The company describes their concoction as “a cheese lasagna with a pink or blue interior,” and when you order the whole Gender Reveal Lasagna catering shebang, it comes complete with garlic rolls and a salad. It will run you $140 and can feed up to 12. Assuming you know 12 entire people who wouldn’t mind eating cheese dyed to match your baby’s genitals.

It looks so festive and innocent before it’s cut open and all your dreams are shattered.

Image via Villa Italian Kitchen

Like, it’s understandable to want to go beyond the typical cupcakes or sheet cake filled with pink or blue frosting, but again, can’t this trend just go away? Gender is a social construct and also, fluid. We don’t need to go nutty announcing our baby’s genitals and we certainly don’t need to turn Italian cheeses blue and pink. What did that cheese ever do to deserve such a cruel end?

Image via Villa Italian Kitchen

Food writers who received the news about this cheesy delight were quick to share their feelings.

And for those with this very pressing question:

On the bright side, at least this gross cheese won’t start a gender reveal wildfire that destroys 47,000 acres of public land and ends up costing taxpayers $8.2 million to extinguish. And no one’s trying to get their hand bit off by an alligator chomping into a blue or pink Jell-O stuffed watermelon. As you do.

In short, it could always be worse.

Basically, gender reveals have become so common that couples are trying to think outside of the box. Looks like Villa Italian Kitchen is capitalizing on the modern-day parenting head-scratcher of how to get your loved ones’ attention for the purpose of announcing what kind of junk your baby has when it seems like everyone is doing the same old thing.

Chances are, people will be into this — and more power to them. It’s better than blowing up gender reveal fireworks? I guess?

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