George Clooney Is A Brad Pitt Superfan In Hilarious Video

George Clooney Is A Brad Pitt Superfan In Hilarious Charity Video


George Clooney plays the worst roommate ever in a super funny new sketch for Omaze

Having George Clooney show up on your doorstep would be a dream come true for most people, but it turns into an absolute nightmare for an unsuspecting homeowner in a hilarious sketch for Omaze. The actor pokes fun at himself and reveals a secret obsession with Brad Pitt in the funny video, and you just have to see it to believe it.

Clooney opens the video with the details of a fairly fantastic prize: anyone who donates to Omaze has a chance to win a trip to Italy to meet with Clooney and his wife Amal in Lake Como, flights and airfare included. And who knows, the actor muses, perhaps you’ll end up total BFFs. “You never know when a lifelong friendship is going to blossom,” he explains.

In the four minutes of hilarity that ensures, Clooney claims that by dumb luck he ended up “spending most of last year with this random guy, and we’re basically best friends now.” That random guy? A Craigslist user named Byron who sells a Batman action figure to Clooney. It’s a bargain at $7, even though “it’s not the one with the nipples.” At some point during the transaction, a stay-at-home order hits, and Clooney ends up moving in—much to his roommate’s detriment.

Clooney makes himself right at home, setting up a bedroom that doubles as a shrine to his Ocean’s 11 co-star Brad Pitt—basically just like any number of teen girls back in the 90s. He’s got posters, a pillow (“Can you believe Amal wanted me to throw this away?”), and several life-sized cardboard cutouts of the actor.

And when it comes time for movie nights his new BFF, naturally Clooney wants to watch Ocean’s 11—”Brad’s great in it!” he exclaims, marveling over the way Pitt eats on screen. “We’ve seen Ocean’s 11 like 22 times,” his roommate complains, though he quickly declines an offer to watch Clooney’s Batman and Robin instead.

In another funny scene, we see how Clooney pays his share of the bills around his new digs—offering Byron signed photos of himself in lieu of rent money (though to be fair, they could probably be pretty valuable).

“If you want to have even half as much fun as Byron and me,” Clooney says, “This is your chance.” Who could resist? The real George Clooney probably isn’t quite as Brad Pitt-obsessed as the version of himself he plays in this funny video (though I can’t help but secretly hope he is), but entering for a shot to find out for yourself benefits a great cause. The Omaze contest is raising funds for the Clooney Foundation for Justice.