George Clooney Teaches Kimmel The Flowbee Haircut He's Been Doing For Decades

by Julie Scagell

Clooney has apparently been cutting his own hair for 25 years

George Clooney is an ’80s Jedi Master of haircuts and went to great lengths to prove it during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The actor, who was recently named one of PEOPLE’s 2020 People of the Year, recently revealed during an interview with CBS This Morning that he’s been cutting his hair with the 1980s Flowbee device “for 25 years.” If you are unfamiliar, the Flowbee was all the rage on ’80s informercials and is essentially a powered vacuum cleaner attachment made for cutting hair. But who knew one of the most successful actors in the world still uses it to cut his own hair?

Clooney told CBS correspondent Tracy Smith during the interview that cutting hair isn’t just a quarantine thing. “I’ve been cutting my own hair for 25 years,” he said, to which Smith asked, “So, it has nothing to do with quarantine?”

“Nah. Look, my hair’s, like really like straw, you know? And it’s so easy to cut. You can’t really make too many mistakes. So years ago I bought a thing called a Flowbee,” which obviously Smith, like the rest of us, could not believe.

After admitting his grooming secret to the world, Kimmel requested Clooney come on his show to prove he was actually a champion hair cutter. “You turn the vacuum on. You turn the buzzer on. You go to town, like this on your hair,” Clooney said as he started to drag the Flowbee across his head.

Kimmel, always up for anything, joined in and tried cutting his own hair with the Flowbee as well, but he couldn’t quite keep up with Clooney. “You do it that fast?” he asked the Oceans Eleven actor.

“Can’t hear ya, I’m Flowbeeing!” Clooney clapped back.

“People who have assistants shouldn’t be Flowbeeing their hair!” Kimmel joked, to which Clooney replied, “Well, I got her to Flowbee my hair for me. I don’t do it myself, my god. That’s cheap!”

The entire interview wasn’t solely based around the Flowbee (though, if it was that would’ve been OK). Clooney also filled the virtual audience in on his 3-year-old twins speaking Italian, turning his office into a nursery, and his new movie The Midnight Sky. He also said he’s become quite the homemaker during quarantine, cutting hair and cooking for his family.

Clooney also offered some solid advice to eTalk. The Casamigos owner made sure everyone knew Flowbeeing and drinking to not mix. “Don’t drink and Flow” he said.

Clooney is a man of many talents and, I for one, love him even more knowing he bought into all those ’80s infomercials like the rest of us (I’m taking to you, ThighMaster).