19 Ways Scary Mommies Get Their Babies To Love Their Veggies


19 Ways Scary Mommies Get Their Babies To Love Their Veggies

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Sponsored by Beech-Nut

Parenthood has a definite learning curve, and that curve seems to start over with each new milestone. That first year, however, is a real doozy. Just when you think you’ve got things figured out, your little love muffin gives you another unexpected challenge to overcome. Take mealtime, for example, it’s almost as if kids are preprogrammed to dislike anything that’s green. But a balanced diet is important, right down to those green veggies.

Unfortunately, most of us didn’t give birth to adorable little veggie lovers, so we asked Scary Mommies to tell us how they get their babies to love veggies, and this is what you told us.

1. OK, That Seems Too Easy

2. But What If I Don’t Want to Eat Them Either?

3. Mama Don’t Play

4. Tell Us More About This Voodoo

5. Who Doesn’t Love a Smoothie? Probably Kids.

6. The Plan We’re ALL Currently Following

7. Nothing Crazy, Just A Little Light Gardening

8. We Feel Ya, Mama

9. But What If They Don’t?

10. Please, Just Eat Your Freaking Trees, Dino Danny

11. Can We Adopt This as the National Standard?

12. OK, This Is Actually Genius. Someone Write This Down.

13. Are There Things That Aren’t Better With Ranch?

14. Just Grab a Snack From the Bowl of Broccoli

15. You Had Us at Pizza. And Then Again at Cheese.

16. Just Give Birth to an Alien, and It Will All Be Fine

17. Ninja Mom for the Win

18. Start Them Out on the Right Veggie Foot

19. What? No Veggies Here, Just This Delicious Mango Pouch. Mmmmm…

So maybe there’s no magic solution, but it sounds like these mamas have some seriously creative ideas and great advice to help the mission along.

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