How Do I Get My Kid Out Of The House?

by Holly Garcia
Originally Published: 
how to get kids outside

There is no doubt about it. Covid totally threw a wrench into many things, like learning, working, and especially socializing. Weekends used to be what we counted down to all week long. It was the time to get out of the house, run errands, discover new things, and make time to play. But lately, getting kids out of the house is an absolute battle.

Is it because it’s winter, and no one likes to be chilly? Or maybe it’s because they’ve finally adapted to staying home most of the time (thanks, Covid). Either way, they need to get out and about. They need to get fresh air now and again. So if you are a parent who finds themselves in a power struggle to get the kids out of the house on the regular, take a look at these different ways to get them excited about going outside.

5 Ways to Get Your Kiddos Out of the House

1. Get Outside With Them

Leading by example is never a bad idea (except maybe when you’re cursing like a sailor). So get outside with your littles. Between chasing them and getting involved in their activities, you’re likely enough to stay warm, even though you feel like a popsicle initially.

2. Make It An Adventure By Switching Up the Location

Yeah, the back (or front) yard is great, but after a while, the redundancy might cause the kids to say eh, instead of yeah! Even though parks and playgrounds might be snow-covered, simply relocating for playtime will be enough of a new adventure to pique their interest and help get them out of the house.

3. Invite Friends

Hopefully, by this point, you know who shares the same values as you when it comes to how you’ve been handling safety precautions. If you feel comfortable enough, invite a few friends over to play outdoors. Something about having another kiddo your kids’ ages makes, well, basically any endeavor more enjoyable.

4. Create an Obstacle Course

If you’re worried about your littles catching a chill when you’re getting them out of the house, give them an obstacle course to make they’re staying warm. Plus, they’re a lot less likely to break something when they have open room to hop, skip, jump, and crawl, as opposed to inside. Don’t ask me why; we all know it’s Murphy’s law.

5. Make Running Errands like a Scavenger Hunt

There is nothing that gets kids more excited than a scavenger hunt. While this might not be your favorite way to get your kid out of the house, it’s guaranteed to work. Where is the bread? Aisle 2! How about the paper towel? Watch the kids race down aisle 13. Give them their own copy of the errand list to check things off as they go. But don’t forget to stop to pick up a prize when it’s all completed. Cake pops for them and a macchiato for you. After all, you got them out of the house.

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