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Pubic Hair: What To Expect When You Go For A Wax

February 2, 2018 Updated March 16, 2020

Brazilian wax, bikini wax, Hollywood wax. Here’s how to prepare to get rid of the pubic hair down there. Madge the Vag heads to Waxing The City to get the lowdown and she’s not beating around the bush! Subscribe to Scary Mommy on YouTube.

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Going for a wax can seem scary. Hello! Having a stranger slather you with hot wax might seem like a big deal…but it’s not. Nope. It’s as easy as a figure four. What the hell does that mean? Let’s put it this way, you’re not going to be doing crazy positions or be completely naked. See! It’s already better than you thought.

Before you go, make sure you know what style you’re looking for. If you’re not sure, you can see what they look like here

Once you get in the room, you will not be fully naked, unless you want to be. Kidding! Don’t do that. Most waxing services will give you a modesty drape to cover your vagina until you’re ready. When it comes to waxing, you will not have to be in uncomfortable positions. No butts in the air. Before you go, you can take a shower but it’s not necessary! Thank goodness! If you have your period, you do not have to cancel your appointment but you might be more sensitive.

So, does it hurt? It can. Some waxing places do provide a numbing solution to rub on your skin. Just remember, it’s your bush. Hairy or bald, it’s always beautiful!

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