Kids Are Sledding In Massive Pool Floats And This Is A Trend We Can Get Behind

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Facebook/Scott Sistek KOMO

People are using giant pool floats as sleds and it looks like so much fun

This winter is feeling basically endless, right? We can only make hot cocoa, do crafts indoors, watch Moana, and stare out at the crappy weather for so long before we (and our bored kids) need to branch out a bit. Enter a giant pool float. I know there’s snow everywhere, but stay with me.

You can go sledding in it — and it looks like pretty much the funnest thing ever.

Seattle meteorologist Scott Sistek shared a video on his Facebook page of a bunch of kids having the absolute time of their lives while careening down a perfect sledding hill in a giant flamingo pool float. To be honest, I’m distraught this never occurred to me since I live in one of the tundra states and have been buried since early November. Making a mental note to hit up Amazon and use my Prime powers to get one ASAP, because look at how fun:

Are you totally jealous you hadn’t thought of it yourself? SAME. Look at them — this is pure winter genius and major memory-making going down. My kids would lose their minds.

It’s a trend people are starting to pick up on and we’re very here for it.

Please also note that you can take things to an entirely other level and just use a baby pool.

Of course, you’re far from limited to an enormous flamingo pool float, though it’s definitely a solid option. Never forget that we have huge unicorns available too. Tell me those rainbow wings wouldn’t cut a glorious silhouette against all that white snow. Majestic AF and also very magical.

Image via Sam’s Club

Unicorns not really your thing? OK, weirdo. JK, everyone can like what they like and luckily, there’s also a giant pickle you can coast on. We admit it might not glide as well as the other options, but who can deny the inherent joy in riding a huge pickle through the snow drifts?

Image via Rhode Island Novelty

Or you could remain extremely true to yourself and take a trip down a not-too-steep incline with this wine bottle pool float. We say not-too-steep in case you’re also imbibing while snow-recreating. Stay safe, moms.

Image via Amazon

Good luck enduring the rest of winter. Having giant pool floats to sled in sure will help it not suck too much.

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