Here's The Giant Unicorn Pool Float You Need

by Thea Glassman
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Image via Sams Club

Giant unicorn pool floats exist — and they’re everything

Get ready for the most whimsical “Mom’s Day Out” ever. You can now purchase ginormous pool floats that fit up to six (!) people at a time and they’re shaped like unicorns. That means you’re going to need to grab your best friends, buy some sort of fruity alcoholic beverage, and hit the lake immediately.

Sam’s Club has released this line of MASSIVE pool floats just in time for warmer weather. When I say “pool,” though, I mean it figuratively. It’ll be really, really hard to fit any of these contraptions into a standard backyard pool. Also, you’re going to need to bring the whole crew around to help blow these bad boys up.

First up, we have the Unicorn Party Bird Island, aka pretty much the most joyful thing you’ll ever see. It’s 10 feet long x 10 feet wide, rings in at $149.98, and includes six individual cup holders and a cooler. So yes, fruity alcoholic drinks are a must. Also, if your childhood dreams involved owning a unicorn as a pet (no? just me?) – then this is the closest you’ll ever get.

Image via Sam’s Club

Also, just look at that rainbow detail. Magic exists.

Image via Sam’s Club

If you’re not really a unicorn person, there’s two other mega-sized animals that might catch your fancy. Like, this neon pink flamingo that is very loud and very adorable. It also offers up six cup holders and a cooler, so you’ll be just drunk enough to not even care that you’re in public, floating around in a massive pink bird.

Image via Sam’s Club

There’s also the peacock option, which features a purple and blue bird complete with that signature fancy tail. This pool float unfortunately does not come with the cup holder/cooler feature — so maybe purchase this one if you’re looking for a more G-rated, family (read: sober) adventure.

Image via Sam’s Club

Now, go live your best unicorn life possible. You and your mom friends deserve it, damnit.

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