21 Gift Ideas For Every Woman Who Loves To Curse Like A F*cking Lady


21 Gift Ideas For Every Woman Who Loves To Curse Like A F*cking Lady

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Because you’re classy AF and do what you want.

1. Every lady you know deserves one.

21 Gift Ideas For Every Woman Who Loves To Curse Like A F*cking Lady

$21 via Etsy


2. For the lady who likes to wear her affirmations.

Fuck It Ring

$17 via Etsy



3. For the lady who goes hard at the gym.


females strong as hell2

$29.95 via Feminist Apparel


4. For the lady who puts a lot of shit on her face.

face shit makeup bag2

$25 via GirrlScouts


5. For the lady who sparkles like a unicorn and takes zero shit.

bitch dont kill my vibe unicorn

$28 via Etsy

6. For the lady who loves a good pop culture reference with her swearing.

slay bitch enamel pin

$12 via Etsy




7. For the lady all out of fucks.

barren fucks cross stitch

$14 via Etsy



8. For the lady who likes to drink and swear.

Swear Wines

$20 and up via Church and State Wines


9. For the lady who can’t stand shitty people but also likes a pop of color.

Memos to Shitty People

$5.99 via Amazon


10. For the lady who swears like a sailor but has to keep it low-key.

fox sake mug

$12.99 via Etsy


11. For the balm ass bitch lady in your life.

Lip Shit Lip Balm

$6.99 via BlueQ


12. For the work-at-home lady who needs the reminder.

Talented Motherfucker Namplate

$26 via OddityMall


13. For the sassy Leslie Knope in your life.

Carpe Diem

$48 via Etsy


14. For the lady who bathes in male tears.

Girl Power Soap

$3.99 via BlueQ


15. For the lady who’s always losing shit.

Shit I Cant Lose

$10 via Etsy


15. For the Amy to your Tina.

Amy and Tina Makeup Bag

$30 via Etsy


16. For the writer of to-do lists who couldn’t give a fuck-a-doodle-do.


Fucking Brilliant Pencils

$12.95 via Buy Olympia


18. For the boss bitch getting shit done.

Get Shit Done Necklace

$40 via Etsy


19. For the lady who can never pack light.


bunch of shit cant live without

$50 via Nasty Gal


20. For the lady who doesn’t see what you see.


You Are A Badass Book

$9.60 via Amazon


21. For the be-all, end-all way to slay your ladies.

Beyonce Holiday Card

$4 via Etsy