10 Gifts For Your Kid Who Wants Everything They See On TV

by Cassandra Stone
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They see it on TV and they want it, right?

Ah, the selling power of commercials and YouTube. You see something, it creates a desire, and boom — before you know it you’re in line for it at a store or adding it to your shopping cart online. Well, it works the same way for kids. Which is why this handy gift guide will come in handy this year.

This time of year, you can’t get through an entire commercial segment without hearing your little one shout “I want that!” And in case you’re not as up-to-the-minute as your kids are on holiday toy requests, here you go.

1. DreamWorks Trolls Party Hair Poppy Musical Doll

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It’s easy to see why any kiddo would want this version of Poppy from Trolls. This version of everyone’s favorite troll roller-skates and has amazing rainbow hair. If you tug on her locks, she talks! And best of all –she sings while she skates.

2. Galloping Spirit With Lucky

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If your little one is a fan of Spirit Riding Free, then they’ll fall in love with this beautiful Spirit and Lucky horse and rider playset.

3. Little Live Wrapples, Una

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Okay, these things are like snap bracelets 2.0 and beyond. Way softer and easier on the wrist, these Wrapples also interact with their wearer and other Wrapples. There are over 50 sounds and reactions included with these little guys that come to life right on your arm.

4. Really Rad Robots R/C, Mibro

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This is MiBro, a really “rad” robot buddy. He comes with an easy-to-use remote control and is basically designed to be your kid’s ultimate robot servant. He can even be placed in “stealth” mode so he can spy on behalf of your kids. (Keep it out of your bedroom, parents everywhere.)

5. Treasure X Adventure Pack

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Treasure X is the latest in the surprise-reveal collectible trend. It includes a multi-layered reveal process, cool figures, and the chance to find real treasure! Your kids can chip and rip away to reveal the layers and discover the secrets hidden within — pretty cool stuff for parents to join in on, too.

6. Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

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This isn’t the Barbie kitchen of yesteryear, that’s for sure. This kitchen includes lights, sounds, and 20 pieces all set to make this the ultimate kitchen for Barbie. The oven has a real timer, the stove makes noises, and a fry-press with real dough (in five colors, no less) really sets this thing apart from anything we had when we were kids.

7. Hairdorables Collectible Surprise Dolls

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The Hairdorables are another toy with fun surprises and great quality accessories, plus the dolls are super cute. There are 36 Hairdorables in all, and each of them will give your kids (and you, let’s not kid ourselves) serious hair envy.

8. Dream Tents Space Adventure

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DreamTents are fun pop up tents that give your child their own private world at night. They instantly pop open and they fasten to your kid’s bed in just a few seconds. They work on all twin beds, even bunk beds.

9. Roblox Celebrity Neverland Lagoon Four Figure Pack

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Roblox are insanely popular right now, and there are a ton to choose from. Explore the mysterious depths of Neverland Lagoon, partner with new allies, and recreate the magical adventures found in this popular role-playing game on Roblox.

10. Magic Tracks

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Okay, these are pretty awesome for kids of all ages and interests. Magic Tracks Glowing Racetrack can bend, flex and glow, and your kids can change the design of your track into any pattern. Just snap any track pieces together and in seconds you have a customized speedway. These glow-in-the-dark racetrack cars have built-in LED lights that glow as they speed around the track providing lots of fun and entertainment.

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