12 Things For Someone Who's Always Cold

by Team Scary Mommy
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Baby, it’s cold outside and we all have that friend who is freaking freezing all the time and blasts the heat whenever she gets in the car with us. And if you’re looking for a gift to keep her toasty, we’ve got you covered.

1.Fleece Joggers


These cozy fleece pants will keep her warm from her bum to her ankles. They are soft and can slide over a pair of leggings for those extra cold days when doubling up is necessary.

2. Duck Boot


These duck boots are so cute and will keep her feet warm and dry no matter what it’s doing outside. And since they are under $30, I’m thinking you need a pair, too.

3. Plush Blanket


A chic blanket to put at the end of her bed, or arm of her sofa so she can reach for it whenever she gets a chill, will be a gift that will keep giving until the temperature rises a bit.

4. Snuggie Fleece Blanket


A snuggie is always a good idea. This will keep her warm while she’s yelling at her kids and blowing up your phone.

5. Heated Blanket


She will love you for giving her this blanket that heats up and will deliver perfect temperatures all winter long.

6. Thermal Underwear


Layering is key but who wants plain and drab when you can have these fun, colorful thermal tops and bottoms from EFFINY? They even double as cute pajamas so all she’ll have to do is strip of a layer before crawling into bed.

7. Velour Tracksuit


Velour is in, and this tracksuit is the definition of warmth and comfort, and she won’t even have to change to run to the store to get milk.

8. Weighted Blanket


If she doesn’t own a weighted blanket, this is the time to spoil her and get her one. Not only will it keep her warm, these blankets have been known to help with anxiety.

9. Cable Knit Clogs


Her feet will be oh-so-warm in these furry slip-ons that look cute enough to pass as shoes.

10. Heated Back and Neck Massager

This massager will get rid of all her knots and double as a heating device for her back, neck, and shoulders. She’s sure to take this in the pantry with her when she’d hiding from the kiddos.

11. TeeHee Socks


She will love pulling on a pair of fun socks every day and this gift pack from TeeHee doesn’t disappoint. If she didn’t adore cozy socks with animal faces would you even be friends?

12. Fingerless Gloves


A few pairs of fingerless gloves that turn into mittens when her fingers get cold is the perfect treat. Make sure to get her an extra pair to keep in the car in case of a cold-hand emergency.

You will warm her heart (and body) with any of these gifts. Throw in some chocolate, and she will make you her bestie for life.

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