15 Gifts For The Star Wars Lover In Your Life

by Team Scary Mommy
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Star Wars is a world all in its own. Generation after generation has been sucked into the galaxy that is far, far away to root for Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie as they battle the dark side. And now, in recent years, Rey, Poe, Finn, and BB8 have taken over the big screen as the new generation of rebel fighters.

If you’re shopping for a Star Wars fan, it can be overwhelming, especially if they already have 892 light sabers (not than we’d know anything about that). So we’re here to help with some sure-fire hits for Star Wars super-fans of all ages.

1. Star Wars LEGO Set

Star Wars LEGOs are a hit for any kid who loves the movie franchise, LEGOs, or both. This replica of Captain Rex’s AT-TE is 972 pieces and will probably be the first thing your kid wants to rip open and play with on Christmas. Another fun choice is this Star Wars LEGO advent calendar.

2. An Electronic Porg Plush

Everyone’s favorite tiny creature from The Last Jedi is the porg. This stuffed porg, however, doesn’t just snuggle—it also moves forward, turns, waves, flaps its arms, chirps and tweets!

3. Vintage Star Wars Toys

If your family is a generational Star Wars family, your kids may appreciate the value of vintage memorabilia, like this Imperial Combat Assault Tank.

4. Millennium Falcon Rug

The true Star Wars fan decorates with as much memorabilia as possible, so a Millennium Falcon or Death Star rug is the perfect gift for them.

5. Micro Force Blind Bags

Obviously Star Wars fans need to get in on the unboxing obsession! These “blind bags” keep your kid in suspense since they don’t know what toy they’re getting. This one’s a fun must-have for under the Christmas tree.

6. Princess Power T-Shirt

Leia was the OG Star Wars girl, and we love her for it. Help your super-fan channel their inner princess with this vintage-inspired “princess power” t-shirt.

7. Chewbacca Hooded One-Piece PJs

Okay, so kids don’t normally get too excited about pajamas, but your little Chewie fan will absolutely freak over this one-piece set. We promise.

8. Light Saber Wall Light

Ask any kid, and they’ll tell you that no night-light can compare to having Luke’s light saber on the wall to illuminate their room. You (or Santa) will score major points with this gift.

9. Forces of Destiny Bed Set

One of the best parts of the Stars Wars franchise is all the brave, take-no-crap women who fight right alongside their male counterparts. This Forces of Destiny reversible bed set shows off Rey, Leia, and Jyn Erso and comes with a bonus BB8 pillow.

10. Star Wars Mystery Gift Box

If you’re truly stumped on what to buy for the Star Wars lover in your life, this mystery box is a terrific idea and plays into the modern kid’s obsession with unboxing. They’ll open it up and see an assortment of collectibles and memorabilia, but no one knows exactly what.

11. Kylo-Ren’s Light Saber Toothbrush

Help a little super-fan take better care of their teeth with this awesome Kylo-Ren light saber toothbrush! (This one’s a gift for the child AND their parents.)

12. Light Side vs. Dark Side Bean Bag Toss

Will Luke defeat Vader? How about Rey vs. Kylo? Keep the iconic battle between the light and dark side going with this Star Wars themed bean bag toss.

13. Fully Interactive BB8 Droid

This fully interactive remote control BB8 droid could be the “big gift” for a Star Wars super-fan on Christmas morning. You might want to save this one for last!

14. Rey Costume

The little Star Wars lover in your life will love to dress up as the brave and mysterious Rey with this costume from Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

15. Death Star waffle maker

How about cooking up some Death Star waffles in this super fun waffle maker or popping up a snack in your Death Star popcorn maker? With these additions to your kitchen or entertainment room, your house will be officially Star Wars approved.

There really is an endless supply of Star Wars merch out there for any adult or kid who’s obsessed with the Skywalkers and their foe. In the end, though, if you buy a new light saber for a kid who already has like 20 of them, don’t worry—they’ll love it. (There’s a reason they have so many.)

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