This Guy Threw His Gillette Razor In The Toilet BECAUSE HE'S MAD, GRRRR

by Julie Scagell
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Ahhh, the irony of it all

There has been swift and frequent shit-losing from men all over the planet since the now-viral Gillette ad about toxic masculinity dropped earlier this week. Thousands threatened to boycott the company’s products for questioning the very fiber of what it means to be a man (and pretty much proving why the ad is needed). But one mantrum has decidedly stood out from all the others because of its sheer, well, stupidity.

Twitter user Warroom had just about enough of being told how to act like a decent human being and protested in the only way he knew how — by dumping his Gillette razor in the toilet. “Goodbye Gillette. Hello Schick #GilletteAd,” he wrote next to a picture of his once beloved, now lonely razor sitting at the bottom of his commode.

The only thing sadder than the state of his razor is the even lonelier silhouette of said man staring down his bowl while it (slowly) dawns on him that you can’t flush a steel razor.

As one can probably imagine, the good folks of Twitter lit him up like a Christmas tree:

Of course, someone rightly pointed out, it was definitely her basement plumbing. I die.

Of course, everyone assumed he had to fish it out but it made the entire situation so much more delightful when he admitted it:

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Oh, it hurts. It hurts from all the laughing.

If you haven’t seen the ad, Gillette channels the #MeToo movement, calling on men to recognize and address toxic masculinity. The first half of the ad shows some of those actions, like sexually harassing women, mansplaining, and bullying. But partway through the ad, the narrator calls on men to do better.

“You can’t hide from it. You can’t laugh it off, making the same old excuses,” the narrator says. “Boys will be boys.” It then cuts to ways, simple ways, men can step in and step up to show others it’s not acceptable to continue to make excuses for other boys/men’s behavior. “It’s only by challenging ourselves to do more, that we can get closer to our best,” the ad says.

The backlash was instant, many claiming the ad categorizes all men for the actions of a few, one Fox commentator even saying, “Does Gillette want men to start shaving their legs, too?” Sigh. These types of reactions are at the center of what the ad was hitting at — that it’s ok for men to stand up and speak out. It makes them the opposite of weak.

Of course, as with any “boycott” of this nature (and as one Twitter user pointed out above), boycotts are meant for future buying. Breaking your razor into tiny pieces or, ahem, throwing it in the toilet like a big man-baby only harms the one who made the purchase. But, let’s keep that between us because I’d like to see what else these dudes come up with next.

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