These Gingerbread House Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Your Attempt

by Christina Marfice
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Image via Jessica Holden Photography/Getty Images/Twitter

Just buy it premade. Nobody will know.

Has anyone in history actually built a decent gingerbread house? Trying to stack pieces of cookie into a structurally stable dwelling with nothing to hold them together but some particularly gluey icing? Who even thought that was a good idea? Involve kids in the building process and you may as well give up now. Just eat the cookies. It’s way more fun.

The internet is so great at bringing us all together in our shared experiences, and collectively sucking at building gingerbread houses happens to be one of those. Twitter is absolutely full of gingerbread house fails right now, and they’re definitely going to make your day.

Like this one, which came crashing down when the builder tried to apply some gum drop decorations and pushed too hard. Don’t sweat it, we’ve all been there.

The builder here doesn’t specify why hers fell, but it looks like there’s an awful lot of icing on there, so it may have been a weight issue. Finding that delicate balance of enough icing to stick your pieces together without having so much it weighs the whole house down basically requires an engineering degree, TBH.

If Twitter is to be believed, pretty much no one can successfully build a gingerbread house.

Luckily, there are some options for salvaging a failed gingerbread house.

You can add a dinosaur (this is genius, BTW).

You can stage a vandalism to take the pressure off yourself and your crappy cookie structure building skills.

Or just do the obvious thing: Eat the evidence.

Clearly, gingerbread houses are too damn hard. That’s why you can buy them pre-assembled and ready to decorate. And if you want to just tell everyone that you built it yourself, that’s fine. We won’t say a word.

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