Girl Tells Teacher Her Family 'Has A Ton Of Weed' At Home, Hilarity Ensues

by Julie Scagell
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Little girl tells teacher her family grows weed at home, and a lot of it

Isn’t it just like a kid to ruin your super, top secret weed side-business by telling her teacher about it? Wait, what? There is no doubt kids can be embarrassing. It is their ‘do anything and say anything’ demeanor that endears us to them. Most of the time. That is, of course, until we find ourselves at the center of their awkwardness. Which is what happened to dad Dax Holt when he went to pick up his daughter, Skylar, from school one day.

Holt shares the experience by posting this video to his Facebook page with the perfect caption:

My child’s teacher: “So Skylar tells me you guys have a ton of weed at home.”

Me: “Umm.”

Teacher: “She said you’re growing it.”


The hilarious video captures Holt interrogating his daughter as to exactly what she said to her teacher. “When I got to your school, your teacher said, ‘I heard you have a lot of weed at your house,’ ” Skylar’s dad, Dax Holt, says to her. “Are we growing weed at our house?”

His adorable daughter shakes her head. “Yeah,” she admits. “A lot of it?” asks Holt, to which Skylar responds, “Yeah, just a little bit, but it’s going to grow a lot. Weed is not good for you and we have a lot of it.” Geez Skylar, I bet you’re fun at parties.

Kids don’t even have to open their mouths to cause humiliation. I was carrying my toddler at the pool one day, along with a lawn chair, 3 towels, a beach ball, and a bag full of snacks when I finally see an open spot. I look down and to my horror my toddler, who refused to be put down, had been clinging for dear life to my suit top. Which was now closer to my suit bottom. I’d walked the length of the neighborhood pool with my left boob on display.

We’ve since sold our home.

The exchange back and forth between the two is priceless. Holt eventually gets Skylar to show everyone their now infamous weed collection. “Do you want to show people what you’re talking about?” Holt asks. “Do you want to show people your weed?”

They walk outside where Skylar points out the entire ‘weed’ collection. To her credit, there is a fair amount of weed—it just happens to be your garden variety kind. We aren’t thinking he’s going to get a lot on the market for it, but it sure makes for a hysterical story.

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